You're not the only one

who thinks this way

You’re not the only one who is apprehensive about changing your life. We reveal the most common things our members say about getting started. 


Changing your life is a big deal which shouldn’t be taken lightly. 


The fact that you will be changing your behaviours, your character and even your identity comes with big responsibilities. 


The main reason most people don’t take the leap of faith towards changing their lives is because it means getting uncomfortable and venturing into the unknown. 


The anxiety ends up crippling you and forces you into ‘paralysis by analysis’. 



“What if my friends don’t like who I am”?”


“What if I don’t like who I am?”


“What if success and living life to my fullest potential isn’t all it is cracked up to be and requires me to keep up a level of effort that I’m not willing to continue forever?”


“What if I start and fail’?



Which are valid questions, but generally, hold people down in their comfort zone and prevent them from reaching the growth zone. 



They end up leaving their ambitions as hopes and dreams for fear of what could be. 



“Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t, right?”



But is that really a way to live? In constant fear of what might happen if you take a chance? A chance to live how you’ve always dreamed of.



We all have a desire to fulfil our maximum potential. Every day that we are living below the line forces into an internal turmoil and ultimately decrepitude. 



If you were your own performance coach, or giving advice to another friend, would you be talking differently to how you talk to yourself? Would you be telling yourself to stop over analyzing and that everything will be ok on the other side? 


The fact that if you happen to drift away from your current situation and into one of growth, you may be surrounded by people who have the same ambitions and desires as you. A community of growth minded people all looking to live life at their maximum potential and not be held back by a product of a destructive environment. 



How long before you take control of your internal desire to fulfil your potential and start playing in the big league. If not now, when?



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