How do you work out? Do you prefer cardio, or low impact core strength workouts like Pilates? Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Guru,Brando Hasick is busting the myth that women shouldn’t lift weights or train in a similar style to men.

Often the fear of becoming ‘bulky’ prevents women from engaging in strength and weight sessions similar to men. In fact, only about a fifth of females strength train two or more times a week.

It’s one of the most common misconceptions in fitness – women fear building man-sized muscles and losing their femininity, as soon as they lift a weight. This can lead to women often completing a “woman’s styled strength program”, which entails almost no stimulus for the body whatsoever, or worse, not doing strength training at all.

Whilst lifting weights will increase muscle mass; ultimately this results in every woman’s dream – you’ll torch more calories.

You see, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is.  By increasing your metabolism through strength training; your body will continue to burn calories after the workout is over.

Even if women were to perform the exact same exercises as men; the way the female body responds to testosterone makes it impossible for women to naturally build muscle mass to levels comparable to men.

Strength training reaps multiple benefits, beginning with the most obvious a higher caloric burn. Additionally, it helps develop a strong mind and muscle connection, which is essential for everyday tasks like improving posture, helping to control our cognitive emotions and our ability to concentrate.

On top of this, strength training will boost your cardio performance, reduce the risk of injury and can help build stronger bones, which of course helps prevent their deterioration as we age.

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