Are you on track to reaching your Goal?

It’s already august.
Time can fly by, so if you’re not constantly checking in and evaluating your performance, you might let 6 months go by without making a dent in your achievements.

This weekly accountability checklist and thread can help get you stay on track to achieving what really matters to you most.

Even the best programs in the world are worthless unless you are accountable to completing them.

Which is why we send emails like this each week so we can create a thread between client and coach as a constant feedback loop.

Respond to this email by clicking reply and your coach will be able to get in touch with you. 

1. How do you rate your last week of training overall?
(What made it that way? How could it be better? Please specify)

2. How do you rate your last week of nutrition overall?
(What made it that way? How could it be better? Please specify)

3. How many sessions did you come to last week? 
(Is this more or less than you expected? Why?)

4. Did I do anything extra last week on top of the programming to get me closer to my goal?
Extra programming / gymnastics progressions/ mobility WODS/ yoga / chiro / float tank/ running/ supplementations/ personal development research.

5. Is your BTWB up to date and are you tracking your body composition?
We’ll be checkin in every now and again, but this is an extra chance for you to stay accountable to yourself.

6. What went great this week? What ere your big wins? Why? 
(PR’s / consistency of training/ time management /seeing results/ could even be outside of the gym!)

7. Do you have any injuries/ niggles we should know about? Was there a specific incident which caused this, or has it been a gradual thing? What are you doing to fix it?

8. How is your current mindset for your training / performance/ results?
Examples: Confident? Killing it? Doubtful? Fearful?

9. What are you looking forward to achieving next and how can we help you do that?

Getting these emails sent to you every Sunday night forces you to constantly have this thought process in the back of your mind and will help create motor patterns and habitual lifestyle.

In order to be free, we must be diligent in our approach to creating structure and habit.


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