TJ Came to us in the midst or COVID last year, when we first went in to lockdown. Since joining TJ has transformed his mindset, attitude towards food and training and lost over 20kgs…His journey has been nothing short of inspirational!

He’s managed to throw 100kg over his head, snatch 80kg and string multiple pullups together! Other highlights include throwing up 7 times after absolutely sending it on the assault bike sprints last year #lactateengine

Lets hear it from the man himself… tell us a bit about yourself!

“I moved to Sydney 2 years ago to work in an emergency department – I left most of my family and friends back in Canberra so it was certainly a big change! I kind of bounced around fitness activities and hobbies while trying to meet a good social group of people”

TJ joined us in the midst of COVID lockdown, where a lot of people felt isolated. He quickly learned how easy it is to bond with other people when you’ve just conquered 30 wall walks for time together (its a lot easier than doing 30 wall walks). This quickly transferred into the social circles of both the Paddo and Waterloo locations, where it fitted like a glove. 

“I wanted a sense of community in my training that wasn’t getting in commercial gyms and I was worried about getting back into high impact sports like rugby where my lack of fitness could really get me hurt”

What was the main thing when you started?

“The main thing that I started for was… losing weight and just trying to be pain free! I spent a lot of my first year in Sydney constantly aching and feeling overwhelmed and tired from a fairly stressful job. I thought that all the steps I was doing at my work would supplement the crap diet and lack of activity and man I was wrong”

Being in a caloric deficit while working the night shift is not an easy task! And we’ve quickly learned that PT after a night shift is a mixed bag at best. A lot of problem solving was required to ensure the best results and action plan for TJ. Through collaborative thinking, eventually a nutrition protocol was agreed upon, and he hasn’t looked back!

TJ’s training regime is also restricted by time.. Meaning he had to adapt. After initially struggling to get into the classes due to work constraints, TJ took initiative and embarked on the quest of having the best home gym set up in the inner west, using a combination of classes, PT and online programming to get closer to his goals.  

All the success didn’t happen overnight, like most new members – TJ found the gym to be quite intimidating and that was initially a barrier for him. “I was intimidated by The fit people. The absolute athletes that were feature on the Instagram and social media’s – I was genuinely nervous to join such a physically for bunch of people and i found it quite intimidating. I was nervous to be in an environment out of my depth and feel like a total beginner again. It took probably 6 months to a year of considering before I joined up and I just wish I had that time back’ I wish I started earlier because it’s made such a big impact on me” 

The reason I took the leap was “A bit of a breaking point in my professional life and a personal inspiration. I had got to a stage where every single shift I finished I was going home tired and cranky to nap at 4pm in the afternoon. In the year before I had watched my own dad lose over 40KG with just self motivation dieting and exercise and I saw the positive impact it had on his life both personal and professional and i was really really inspired by him.” So often we hear that there’s a lightbulb moment as their catalyst for joining.. the thing we hear most is they wish they didn’t wait. 

What’s the thing that you’re most proud of since joining?

“In the last 12 months I have lost over 20kg of bodyweight and I’ve managed to get a 100kg clean jerk, 80kg snatch and most proudly string together some pull-ups for the first time in YEARS! For the last 6 months I’ve been pain free in my job and I can definitely say I’m happier and healthier in mind and body than I was 365 days ago”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Just a massive thank you to the BBB team, specifically to my coaches and good mates Brady and Cauchi for all they’ve done for me and the constant support and patience they’ve both shown me.” 

Amazing work! Keen to see where the next year takes us!

Coaches (1)

Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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