Our latest superstar is none other than Sam “hot shred” Trevethan! Sam has been a staple of the 6:30 morning class at Waterloo for almost a year now! Over the last 12 months Sam has been able to change the way he looks, moves and feels and make a couple of friends along the way. Sam made incredible progress, losing 10kgs, gaining muscle mass and improving his confidence!

Tell me about yourself… “I’m Sam, I’m 33 a graphic designer and currently run the creative design team for Channel Seven. My day to day usually involves managing a team that create all of the graphics for promos for Channel Seven’s shows as well as anything and everything in between design related for our brands and channels, it can be a pretty high pressure, fast turnaround role.”

Why do you train at BBB? “I train at BBB because I love NOT having to think… I spend a lot of my days thinking or solving problems ( I run the creative design team for . At BBB the programming and conditioning is all done for you.  It’s nice coming in to the gym in the morning, hang out and put myself in the right headspace to conquer the day ahead, Its a great way to start the day”

 We often attract people who are after four things, changes in physique, getting pain free, improving performance and changing their perception around training. Often you’ll find these four categories overlap, and all four can change as a result of prioritising health and exercises, and making it a habit. 

“The main reason I started a BBB was lets face it Physique, post Covid lockdown I was a bit softer around the edges and had really missed training with people and pushing myself a bit. I needed to try something new and had heard of BBB through friends and Instagram and was keen to see what it was like.I’ve always wanted to be pain free as well, my body was feeling beat up from HIIT training, but BBB has helped me move my body without pain.” Amazing what happens when you show up for a year consistently, and don’t skip days. Sam also managed to deadlift 150kgs off the ground 

What were your goals when you first started?”When I first started my main goal was to just get my head around the new style of coaching, I also wanted to drop body fat and get leaner. Since joining BBB I’ve dropped over 10KG but definitely have increased muscle at the same time.” 

Was there anything you were apprehensive about before joining? “Before starting at BBB I was most nervous about some of the movements I hadn’t done, I’m not the most coordinated person when it comes to just walking down the street so the idea of gymnastic moves and some of the Olympic lifting techniques was definitely a little daunting.”

We often get this,we like to push the boundaries of what is possible, and often it can be intimidating, however it wasn’t long before Sam made a home in the 6:30 morning class and started to push the boundaries. “The trainers always do an amazing job making sure you feel comfortable in the class and really do help push yourself outside of your comfort zone to learn new skills. Move forward a couple of months and I’ve been able to do things that I’d never thought possible, even finally cracking a handstand!”

What was the reason you took the leap? “The real reason I took the leap was to push myself a bit more than I usually would, I was plateauing a lot at F45 after four and a half years of training there. Not to mention constantly sore and less flexible than I am now… “ 

 What makes us different from any other place you’ve trained and why would you recommend training here? “Definitely the people… from the coaches to the other members meeting so many friendly like minded people who all are so encouraging really is a massive motivation to get out of bed on freezing mornings… We all have such a laugh and get fit doing it. Special shout out to Team Hot Shreds aka (David and Cat) for keeping me entertained day in and day out.”

Can’t wait to see what’s next for you Sam! 

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Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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