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Despite February being the end to what one could possibly deem the wettest summers we’ve had in a long while, the miserable weather hasn’t stopped the Body By Brando Waterloo crew from smashing their 2022 goals. 

We’ve had one of our busiest months yet in terms of attendance, despite the constant downpour and it being the shortest month of the year (well-done guys!).

Amongst all of the legends who train at our gym, there has been a unanimous standout with the coaches in terms of attitude, perseverance, and performance… healthcare worker Ross Fraser!

Ross has been coming out of his shell with not just the coaches, but also with the community we’ve got here at Body By Brando, and it has been riveting to see. He has only been with us for around 10 months (with some of that time including when we were in lockdown) but has managed to improve his technical lifting skills and performance in the workouts, all while making friends, having fun, and being part of a supportive and challenging community.

Although he has a hectic work schedule, Ross doesn’t let the unpredictable nature of his line of work get in the way of coming in, throwing down with the crew, and having the best hour of his day; ‘I’m a healthcare worker with fairly unpredictable and sometimes long hours.’ Outside of the gym, Ross says he loves ‘exploring the natural environment of NSW with hiking trails and beaches whenever I can.’ Made that much easier by all the strength and conditioning he’s done at BBB, no doubt!

So, how and why does he find the time to come when work has him at their beck and call, you might ask? Well, ‘firstly, it’s fun, so even though it kills you by the end of the session, I still look forward to coming. Secondly, both the trainers and the group environment motivate me to push myself harder and more frequently than I ever would if I didn’t have that accountability for my fitness goals.

How good! Honestly, we’ve heard all the reasons under the sun as to why now isn’t the best time, or even a good time, to join a gym like ours… But Ross demonstrates how impactful an accessible and scalable training program, super supportive environment, and friendly community can be to make fitness seem as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth.

Before coming to us, Ross had tried ‘self-directed weights at a gym, alongside running and swimming. Tried some online fitness classes (especially while gyms were closed in 2020). I was fit enough but not progressing and had no clear goals for what I was trying to achieve.’ As you can see, Ross was just going through the motions of what many people think they have to do, to transform the way they look, move and feel and live the best years of their life, in the best shape of their life.

As someone in the healthcare field, Ross has firsthand experience seeing the negative impact that a disregard for one’s health can have. ‘In my patients, I see the effects of long-term negligence of health and wellbeing. Reaching my early 30s and with a stressful job, I felt I faced a choice to either lose sight of fitness goals and slide into poor health or take a leap into a serious health and fitness regimen that would be rewarded by virtue of it being challenging.’ So, if it’s good enough for the professionals, it’s good enough for everyone!

Truth be told, there is no shortage of gyms out there that claim to get people results… so why did Ross pick us? ‘The trainers are excellent at focusing on individual technique and performance, even in the group setting. I feel like I am well guided in new types of movements even when the class is full. I’m achieving new skills and goals, and having fun while I’m doing it.

So if you feel like the old Ross – concerned about your health and fitness but not knowing where or how to start, or perhaps you are already working on it but not feeling like you’re reaping the full rewards, shoot us a message and we can take you that next step further. 

With BBB you’ll get personal training results and experience, with the support and fun of group training so you can become the best version of YOU with our gym memberships in Sydney. Unlike most gyms where you’re just a number and the coaches don’t care, at Body by Brando, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best results through quality coaching and a high level of accountability. What are you waiting for? See you in the gym soon!


Ashley Reed

Functional Fitness Coach

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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