September Member of the Month is a lockdown legend, a BBB badass if you will, and has deserved their rightful spot in the Body By Brando Hall of Fame for so many reasons!


Nihar has been a regular smiling face in our 6:30am class for over a year and a half now. He joined the Waterloo crew after doing some research into local gyms… ‘There are several good ones, but something about BBB seemed positively different. It took a couple of weeks, and my partner nudging me daily, for me to convince myself to shoot through a message. Boy am I glad I did!’, he says!


A bit about him… Nihar has a background in finance and accounting, and is currently working in the start-up/tech industry. He describes himself as a ‘globe-trotter who has lived in 5, worked in 30 and experienced 67 countries and counting. Born in India, grew up in the Philippines and New Zealand, lived as a nomad in Europe and now in Australia’; more specifically, Sydney with his wife (Joanne) and dog (Zola)! He also enjoys scuba diving, jamming on the guitar, cooking up a storm at home, learning Spanish and of course, training at BBB. A man of many talents!


Despite having some nerves about running with the big dogs, he took the plunge and hasn’t looked back since. “Before starting, I was most nervous about fitting in! Growing up as a chubby teenager meant that I’ve never thought I could ever compare myself to, let alone train with, ‘athletes’. Seeing the incredibly fit trainers and members at BBB, I was super nervous about being left behind in workouts.’


Nihar had nothing to worry about though, because his drive and determination to give everything a red-hot go lead him to push him through his fears and limiting beliefs, not just in regular classes but also in the zoom sessions being run in the midst of lockout; in the 3 months we’ve been cooped up inside, he can proudly claim to only have missed a handful of sessions! 


So, what made him choose BBB over the other gyms he researched? ‘I was tired of working really hard at gyms and small group classes, and yet not achieving the results I felt I deserved. I found working out to be a chore and wanted to change it to something I enjoyed and wanted to do. 


When I first started, my goals were to get ripped in 6 months! Instead ,what I found over the course of the first few months was how much I was learning about my body and its nuances + how much I was starting to enjoy waking up early 5 times a week to see the smiling faces of the 6:30 am class.’


So awesome to hear things like that! We always find value in reflecting on the journey, and all of us here at BBB get satisfaction in celebrating the wins of our members’ and fellow athletes. So when asked about a recent achievement, it makes us proud to hear Nihar talk about his result of…growth in lockdown! BBB offering equipment and (Zoom) classes over lockdown every morning has meant I’ve been able to keep to my routine every day and have definitely improved my lower body and shoulder strength and flexibility + and maintained my sanity and mental health! BBB literally helps me get up every morning!’


As you can see, there was absolutely no question over who to pick for our Member of the Month for September. Nihar’s consistent attendance in the zoom sessions, combined with his avid participation in the classes and community at BBB prior to that (not to mention his adorable dog Zola who regularly stole the show and our hearts) made it an easy choice! Alas, lockdown is ending soon and freedom is approaching, so what’s next for Nihar?


‘I can’t wait to get back to the gym post lockdown and test my lockdown improvements on the big boy weights. Will I start enjoying burpees? Never! But at least I’ll be able to do them now.’


Do you find inspiration in the journeys of our BBB legends and want to start your own? Well, take it from Nihar himself ’in a world full of gimmicks, quick fixes, and fads, BBB is a refreshing place where the trainers take the time to help you learn about your body and nutrition habits, set your own custom growth goals, and walk alongside you to help you get there. Plus the BBB athlete community is as diverse as it is welcoming. It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I cannot recommend BBB highly enough. So, whenever you’re ready to be a better version of yourself, come and say hi!’


Ash Reed

Fitness Coach

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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