Jono Fleming:
Waterloo Feature Member

Our member of the month is one of the hardest workers at BBB, Jono Fleming!

After hailing himself as the reigning queen of BBB Waterloo for the last month, we thought it was only reasonable to give Jono what he deserves!

After joining us super early this year – Jonos infectious happiness and self- deprecating humour has become a staple of our morning classes and my life… I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain (this could be selective hearing) or give up, which is why he’s such an important part of our community and has achieved such fantastic results.

So we started like any other interview. We asked him about himself and what he does outside when he’s not lighting up BBB with his magnificent glow. 

So what made you want to jump into our community?

“I’ve tried all the different fad gyms and easy quick fixes, and wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, so I decided to kick it up a notch”

Was there anything you were apprehensive about?

“The idea of this sort of gym is intimidating like you walk in and see all of these people that are fit and you realise that you’re not quite there yet”

Has that changed at all?

“Yeah absolutely, when I did my first couple of classes at the start I was super conscious about not keeping up with other people and not being able to do the movements. Now 6 months in I can do the movements, I’m not comparing myself to others I’m just coming in and pushing myself”

You’ve been working with Dan on our hybrid membership,  what about that can you attribute to your success?

“Yeah that’s a massive reason, I love that at BBB there’s a massive focus on technique, and doing those weekly one on ones with Dan has really helped me see the progression! At the beginning, we were having a look at different movements and the different progressions – now I feel more comfortable with the movements were hitting it with a bit more intensity now”

What were your goals when you first started?

“Feel more confident in my own body, and like the way I look. Look and feel strong, the confidence is really important to me. I feel a lot stronger and more confident in myself so I feel I’ve achieved that. Look I still have a way to go with my nutrition (being a TV chef makes that tough).”

“I feel a lot stronger and more confident in myself so I feel I’ve achieved that"

At BBB, people usually come to us for a few reasons’ to look better, to perform better, to get pain free or to change their perception on training. What appealed to you most?

The perception of myself and my relationship with training was really important for me. I’ve previously struggled with just focusing on myself and not what others are doing – so that’s a massive one for me”

Over the COVID-19 lockdown period, Jono was one of our most consistent – we asked him about that period and what he got out of it. 

“I know in the past I’ve been a bit lazy with sessions and skipped a couple here and there, but I think what I’ve loved about this gym is the community that’s grown from it. The accountability definitely helped out even when the veranda workouts got tough! All the friends I’ve made already, all the trainers are great which makes you actually want to get up, it was important to have something stable while the world was falling apart”

What’s the next big step for you?

“Really getting my nutrition right, I cook for work – but the person that I now work for does CrossFit and is super ripped so there’s not much of an excuse now If I want to see changes”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“It’s not just because you’re here – but the trainers are really great. Like they actually care about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it with. And it’s not that we are all mates and get along its the fact that you guys care enough to pull me up. Dan has been amazing, I like the little groups of people. The big thing for me was being so intimidated and seeing how welcoming all of you guys are.”

We love having you around! Keen to see what’s next. 


Brady Goodsell

Functional Transformation Coach and Exercise Physiologist 

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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