Our next superstar is none other than pocket rocket Jennie! We’ve been lucky enough to house Jennie’s glowing positive energy and infectious smile for just over 6 month now. Jennie came from a background of weight training and running – and after plateauing her results, she was up for a change. 

Jennie has come on in leaps and bounds both in her nutrition and her physical performance, smashing goals on both sides of the spectrum. She managed to reduce body fat by 8% – get her first pull ups and handstands and a body weight clean and jerk!

Read her story below

Tell us about yourself – what makes you tick? I have been living a high carb Plant Based lifestyle for 6 years now & I feel amazing (Chocolate & donuts are my absolute weakness). Apart from training at BBB, my weekly addiction is playing OzTag with my friends. I absolutely love travelling so much, I am a summer girl but funny to say my favourite country so far is Iceland that was pretty cool. 

Why do you train at BBB, and what’s kept you here? I train at BBB because it is so much fun, I love the positive energy & best of all you don’t have to think about what to train on the day. All you gotta do is turn up to the class & follow the program & the pump is insane” One of my favourite things about jennie is that now, no ,matter what you ask her to do – she will have a go, which is a massive development for her. 

What initially fuelled you to come in?  “The main thing I started was because I was just bored at the same old gym equipments & hit plateau at a gym I was training at for 10 years” This is common for us to hear – often people seek an environment to push them to the next level, and the process of achieving success becomes addictive – and Jennie has latched on!

What did you try before here? What was the difference? “Before BBB I have tried training at gyms & the classes that were available there I even had multiple PT’s to train me to get extra help & motivation but nothing had worked better than training ONE on ONE with my coach Brady. He not only help me focus on my goals & we spend weekly sessions together targeting my fitness goals but we also worked on my eating disorder, when we started working on nutrition & combining it with training my results just accelerated.”

Jennies shift in mindset regarding food, training and her perception of herself is nothing short of inspirational. Week by week she made small changes and over the last 6 months has completely transformed both her nutrition and her body composition. She consistently attends the 5:30am classes, and has never missed a PT session.. You get out what you put in. If ever there was a proponent of the aggregation of marginal gains – Jennie is it.

How are we feeling now? I feel great, I have more energy than I’ve ever had, I’m not under-eating, I’m not caloric restricting, I have better sleeps, this all comes down to me making better choices overall. I learnt so much about food over the last 5 months & it has so far helped me achieve my goals better than I had imagine.

So take us back to the start..  What was your goal when you started? When I first started my goal was to start doing upper body workouts & doing them correctly. I also wanted to lose weight and feel more confident with myself. Safe to say shes achieved that, shes put her body weight above her head, gotten ripped and brings a growth mindset to any new challenge!

What are you most proud of?I just achieved my first handstands, chin ups & kipping pull ups this month. 

Any parting words?”I just wanted to say thank you so much Brady for helping me get my head screwed on with training, thank you for checking up on me when things are low & just making sure my training and nutrition is not out of whack. Also thank you Jen, Ash & Dan for all your encouragement & help with my progressions during classes, you guys are absolutely amazing coaches, I love the banter and vibe you guys bring to your classes (everyone needs a good laugh at 5:30 in the morning thats for sure). I love training at BBB so much its the best thing I’ve done for my fitness & I highly recommend anyone who wants to take their fitness and training to the next level.”

Absolutely blushing here – we’re amazed daily by your hard work, keen to see where we can take it in a year. 


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Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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