Jen Harris:
Waterloo Feature Member

Since joining us in February, Jen has become a huge part of our community. Whether it be through being the most bright and cheery person in the world at 5:30am on a Monday, or dancing like a maniac in the middle of a WOD when everybody else is dying – you’ve definitely seen her round!

After previously training at a facility that shall remained unnamed – Jen came to us with a goal of progressing herself forward, after she felt like she had stagnated. Let us be very clear – she was incredibly fit when she joined us, however she wanted to find that next level. Safe to say that shes smashed it so far here and the changes has been incredible!

Her bright bubbly personality and tendency to give the coaches nice colognes has definitely not hurt her main goal of gaining the prestigious title of member of the month 

I was lucky enough to interview her last month to find out what makes her tick and why she is the way that she is. We sat down after a brutal Saturday class on an icy Waterloo day!

So tell me a bit about yourself! What do you do for work?

“I work in cosmetics, a lot of the time i’m sat in my car driving around to different stores, which can be boring. So I get the kicks out of coming to the gym!”

And what makes you come in to the gym after a long day?

“The fitfam! They all keep me going, its kinda like just the best culture, everybody is just here and pushing each other to be better (wipes tear away), not only that but your not scared to celebrate each others successes! Its just a culture and you become best friends with each other, its a different element of drive and passion. The coaches are always there to give you what you need to succeed”

 One of the main attractions for people coming into our community is that its different, we push peoples perception of what is humanly possible, and then let them actually achieve it.

I asked if  there anything she were nervous about before joining? 

“Just the general anxiety of ‘will i fit in? Will everybody be killing it and I won’t be?”

Most of our athletes tell us something similar. The reality is – everybody is too worried about what they are doing to even notice you. I asked her how she moved past the anxiety?

“The anxiety goes as soon as you walk in, even though some of the movements are new – there’s always an option to scale down”

When I think of Jen its hard for me to imagine her not being super confident – and its a testament to her attitude that shes made such rapid progress, especially during COVID.

But what were her goals at that early stage? 

“I wanted to look like a lean machine, I feel like i’m hitting those goals slowly but surely. And get to the compete level! I’ve always been quite a competitive person, even when I’m washing the pots”

You don’t say…

Its just a culture and you become best friends with each other, its a different element of drive and passion.

The coaches are always there to give you what you need to succeed.

Jen came to us at an interesting time, she was with us for about 5 weeks before we went into lockdown. We asked her how that experience was. 

“Especially over COVID id often struggle to get up, like you’ve got no job don’t have to leave the house – but having you guys there gave us something to work towards! Meeting the girls at Waterloo oval and having a crack! It’s the highlight of my day”

Now we’re back in the gym, the focus has switched straight back to performance. I asked what her main focus is for the next couple of months. 

“Definitely my snatches and my clean and jerk! Trying to get the technique of that down pat and actually slowing down during the classes to learn the correct technique, and you guys aren’t afraid to put me in my box and tell me to slow down”

That’s our job sometimes, especially for somebody with a go go go mindset. It’s important to slow down and go through movements at sub maximal loads.

So obviously you were in a similar position as many people. For somebody that as on the fence and wasn’t sure if they wanted to join up, what would you say?

“Just do it, just come in! There’s always an option for everybody, that’s what the coaches are for, and that’s what we’re for! To support each other and become the best version of ourselves.”

Lastly, was there anything that you’d like to add? Anybody you’d like to shout out?

(huge self plug incoming)

“Yourself and the other coaches! You helped on board me and took me through the fundies, and you’ve all helped me stay on the right track and keep me accountable as well. Sometimes i might have slipped off with my nutrition and body comp and you’ve been like “not good enough” and its helped me get back on track! A disappointed Brady is not what you want”


Written By Brady Goodsell

Brady Goodsell

Functional Transformation Coach and Exercise Physiologist 

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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