Our newest member of the month is none other than the blonde bombshell Jake Walsh!

Walshy started out as a BBB member at Paddington. He was lured in under the pretense of a Mardis Gras pump session, and boy hasn’t he come a long way! He has a history as an elite-level swimmer,  so it was only a matter of time before he found his inner athlete again!

When trying to climb up the career ladder, fitness took a back seat, it happens to the best of us. 

However, Walshy wasnt going to let long hours and a busy schedule stand in the way of what he wanted anymore – it was time to take a stand!

The competitive push of classes paired with his elite athlete mindset has allowed Jake to transform the way that he looks, moves and feels. 

Walshy has started to achieve amazing results with us, making massive strength gains and losing bodyfat in the process! This has resulted in the commencement of #operationturnheads.

His positivity and infectious happiness has been a big hit at Waterloo, becoming a massive part of our 7:30 crew – sometimes 9:30 after a big night 😉

I was lucky to sit down with the legend over a couple of fitaids on a slow Tuesday morning! 

Tell me a little about yourself! What have you done previously? What do you do for work? 

“I’m Jake! I have trained as a professional Junior swimmer for 12 years and went to Nationals 4 years in a row! Swapped over to Ironman racing at 17 and continued for 6 years at Maroubra and Wanda SLSC. Work for Merivale for the past 7 years – the current role is Venues Manager at Coogee Pavilion, but have worked all over Sydney. Passion for releasing potential in individuals through hospitality and driving a fantastic guest experience.”

How long have you been training at BodyByBrando?

“Joined after I was brought along to a Mardi Gra pump session in March 19 – so a member for just under 2 years”

What’s the reason that you continue to show up? Why do you train?

“I am constantly challenged with fresh and new ways to keep fit. Super competitive, really enjoy both the physical and social aspects of the gym. Top-notch coaches who are dedicated to keeping you physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. Great place to have a laugh with dozens of lifelong friends.”

“Before starting, was there anything that you were apprehensive about?

“Fitting in! however, coaches and BBB legends made me feel right at home and in no time I was in (and usually the butt of) all of the personal jokes. “

How long did you think about it before you finally took action? 

“I did a smaller version of CrossFit while training as an ironman, mostly strength based lifting but no Olympic/Gymnastics. And was on the old F45 bandwagon for a solid six months as well..”

What were your goals when you first started? 

“When I first started, my goals were to… I first started for the classic “look hot” and to make my Hinge profile look a little bit more classy….. (tick that one off)

How has that changed now?

“now I am here to maintain a strong work/life balance and to not only look strong but always feel it. My goals have shifted to be performance-related rather than physical and I keep pushing those bars higher each week.”

I just achieved … What’s next? Anything else you’d like to add? 

“I just achieved a sneaky Muscle Up (maybe two in a row on a good day) and surpassing the 190kg Deadlift Mark. A 200kg deadlift and some mean looking double unders would definitely be on the plan for February, and of course a work-life balance!”

What makes us different to any other place you’ve trained and why would you recommend training here?

“I actually laugh at myself how much I talk about BBB outside of the gym. It is literally the best part of my day/week. Best place to unwind, de-stress and concentrate on improving myself with like-minded legends who are keen to have a good laugh on the way. Shoutout to the coaches, especially Brady (legend) for not only keeping me honest but being the best support network in and out of the gym!”

We love having you around brother, and super keen for what 2021 holds for us!

Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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