Working full-time shift work as a nurse is not an easy task, however, our latest superstar makes it look just that. For Indah, it was about finding a place to train that gives her life balance, helping her stay fit and healthy and blow off steam when she needs it!

Indah has been with us for just over a year now (cute), and has been a superstar from the start. Her bubbly personality and infectious smile has made her a queen of the gym and a massive part of our community. 

Working shiftwork as a registered nurse, you could be forgiven for not being serious about your training and slacking off. Indah has not only stayed consistent in her training but has been able to learn more advanced gymnastics skills such as pullups, toes to bar and handstand pushups. Not to mention being the fastest at the gym at burpees (jealous).

I was lucky enough to sit down with the BBB icon and find out what drives her to keep showing up and becoming the best version of herself. 

What was life like before you became a member?
My name is Indah and I’m 27 years old. I’ve been a registered nurse for the past 5 years by trade.

Before you started with us, where were you training/ what were you doing? “Before starting at BBB, I was a part of a small group training at Virgin Active that has taught me the fundamentals of functional training. I’ve done that for a good 3 years and participated in a few obstacle courses and long-distance runs in between. I love a challenge!

It’s common that already “fit” people reach out to us because they’ve plateaued. We find that we can help people get to the next level by creating structure in their training – which then allows them to progressively overload each task, resulting in increased capacity. This was the same for Indah!

“The reason I reached out to BBB was that I wanted a more systematic approach to my training. I noticed my performance was beginning to plateau and I got tired of doing random workouts every day. After my first few classes and 1:1 sessions with Dan, I could already foresee what I was getting into. I love that I get to follow a program that allows me to progressively overload and learn new skills!”

It truly was love at first sight, one of our favorite parts of coaching Indah is telling her “you can go heavier” and watch her shake her head in disgust, then proceed to put the heavier weights on the bar, and continue smashing the workout.

It’s not all about smashing workouts and PB’s though. Shift work can be super draining, both physically and mentally and it was important to Indah to find that “third space” to decompress and stay healthy.  

When I first signed up, my goals were to balance my work life and the ability to train regularly without experiencing burnout. I also wanna be able to do both without being prone to injuries. I love to train, I love my job, and I love my life outside of both! Having a healthy, injury-free body allows me to participate in everything I love doing cause I hate missing out!

Any last words to finish on? I’ve loved training at BBB because of the vibe! The coaches are amazing and learning from them gives me subtle “lightbulb moments” which makes me want to keep coming to class. I truly enjoy seeing other members progress with their training as well! It’s literally open to all skill levels and no matter where we are at our training, we’re always there to cheer each other on”

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