Fritz is one of our transformation legends here at BBB Waterloo, and has truly smashed some mental and physical goals since starting here 7 months ago. It should come as no surprise then that his achievements are recognised by making him our member of the month for July.

Fritz did his research before he decided we were the right fit and made the leap to join… but when he did he went all in on our 3 session per week PT package and hasn’t looked back since! Having lost over 10kg since he started in November 2020, Fritz has gone from being in pain and overweight, restricted in his movements and lacking confidence to a strong, assured and capable athlete! 

So, what made him decide to choose us? Fritz says he trains at Body by Brando ‘because I know I can improve my performance and increase my strength by learning exercises that I enjoy. When I first started, I knew I needed a change in my lifestyle. I’m pushing 40, I was overweight, I had pain in my back and my shoulders and there were heaps of activities that I used to enjoy when I was a lot younger that I couldn’t do as easily anymore.

I’ve had the pleasure of training Fritz myself for the past 6 months, and can vouch for the changes that he’s gone through not only in terms of his strength (now smashing out upwards of 50 push ups and hitting deadlift weights for 12 reps that used to cause him back pain), but also the confidence glow up has been unreal! 

Comparing where he began to where he is now, he says ‘I honestly was very nervous about being surrounded by fit individuals who knew what they were doing. Being quite unfit and knew absolutely nothing about exercising, it was pretty daunting. Before BBB, I had tried running and going to the gym and just copied what others were doing which proved to be dangerous because I injured myself without the proper knowledge of how to do specific exercises.’ 


But now Fritz has gained the knowledge, experience and confidence to be able to train on his own outside our sessions and continue working on being a fitter, healthier version of himself. 

Having achieved an awesome milestone and reaching 12-13% body fat, his goals have now shifted. He’s become more focused on improving his physical strength and athletic performance, and we can’t wait to see how far he can go over the next 6 months!

To anyone else thinking of starting with BBB, this is what Fritz has to say… ‘People are very friendly and very supportive and above all I think the various programs I have gone through since I started are backed by evidence which gave me a lot of confidence to continue training and actually see positive results. I think it’s important to do all of these positive changes for yourself. I used to be pressured by social standards but I think actual changes happened to my life when I was doing it for the right reasons.

It is safe to say Fritz has had a total transformation from the inside out, having expanded his physical potential as well as his mindset to become the best version of himself, and there are no signs of stopping yet. Awesome work, Fritz!

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Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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