The latest addition to become a coveted Body By Brando Hall of Famer is none other than the one, the only… Damo Edwards.

Hailing from Newcastle, the big man has come out of his shell and is now one of the regular members of the 4:30pm class! Damo’s enthusiasm and willingness to commit to our program was shown when he was knocking on our doors literally the day after we opened back up after RONA. You’ll catch him beating the coaches to the gym and honing his skills in his downtime. 

I was lucky enough to sit-down with the BBB legend and find out what makes him tick and why he keeps buying the same clothes as me…

So Damo – what was the routine before you graced us with your presence?

“Before I joined Body By Brando, normally gym was a couple of PT sessions here and there, bit of HIIT training and just classic Monday chest day (respect).”

So what was the big thing that got you started here then?

“The main things that got me on to BBB was social media presence, I saw that one of my mates was training here and getting really good results so i thought id give it a go!”

What was your goal when you first started?

“Lose a couple of kilos, and get back into a training routine that i actually enjoyed.”

And what have the results been like? 

“To date – I’m down 12kgs, I’m moving better and I feel amazing.” 

What a man seriously Damo’s infections happiness and willingness to do improve is a massive reason why him and others keep pushing forward! 

Was there anything that you were worried about prior to joining? 

“There’s always a stigma, you see all the people on Instagram with their kit off and with a 6 pack, and you’re the guy that doesn’t have that look.” 

Well, that has certainly changed. Any parting words? 

“I couldn’t say any better words about the coaches here, they all know what they’re doing and continue to push me super hard.”

Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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