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Well, the first quarter of the year is done and dusted, and hopefully, we are well and truly into the swing of 2022 by now. It’s getting to that point in the year where we start to realize how quickly time is going by, and it becomes glaringly real that if you’re not on tracking or working towards your big goals, they can slowly start slipping away.

Without the right plan, accountability, or the environment, it can be tough though. So if you resonate with that don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here is a bit of inspiration to help you out, as this hasn’t been the case for our March Member of the Month for Waterloo, who has been smashing goals left, right, and center ever since he joined up in October 2021 last year, just after lockdown, and shows no signs of stopping yet.

Chris Anderson is one of our newer athletes at BBB, works as a physiotherapist, and hails from Scotland originally. Despite only being here for 6 short months, he has achieved an epic result in terms of body composition change, strength gains, skill development, and becoming a pillar in the BBB 6:30 am class (along with his partner Dan and adorable dog Ruby).

So what made a physiotherapist from Scotland choose us to help transform his life? ‘The main thing that I started for was pain-free (having had sciatica and generally stiff back), and physique, to improve my body composition.  I had been thinking about it for 6 months, then moved nearby one. And joined as soon as lockdown ended.’

Having tried various fitness outlets before reaching us, Chris says he ‘felt like I wasn’t achieving it much. I was doing too much cardio to then be able to lift heavy in the gym. So I wanted an all-encompassing regime.’

Since joining, he has shed those stubborn lockdown weight gains, increased strength gains, and just unlocked his chest-to-bar pull-ups! So what’s next from here? ‘I’d like to start doing some in-house competition, continue with increasing strength one stamina’, he says. Way to go, Chris!

Part of what has kept Chris coming back is the awesome community we have here at BBB Waterloo. Chris describes it as a ‘very welcoming gym, members of all varying abilities and always willing to help.’ So whether you go for the 1:1 PT option, group classes, or a combination of both, there is more than 1 helping hand available to help make your time here as memorable and productive as it can be.

Coaches and members alike are there for one another and encourage and challenge you to be the best versions of yourself, whilst having a cracker time doing it.

So, if you’re unhappy with the progress and results you have (or haven’t) achieved in the first quarter of the year, don’t let that keep you from making the most of the next 3 quarters – there is still plenty of time left! And guess what, there is another year after that to keep working towards your goals 😉

The only regret you will have is not starting sooner, so if you’re ready to take the leap to reach out to us and book a phone call!


Ashley Reed

Functional Fitness Coach

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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