Our newest superstar has been with us for just over a year now! Carly leads a busy life, balancing full-time work and study. She’s managed to learn new movements, whilst becoming pain-free and move well through a large range of motion. The results she’s garnered from training at BBB have allowed her to live a more energetic lifestyle, and give her an insight as she hopes to move into the health and fitness industry..

When did you startup? Started Nov 2019 because i was looking to get serious about my health and fitness – something which i have struggled with in the past. 

Why do you train at BBB?   I started training at BBB because of the amazing caring trainers who put in the time and effort with you at an individual level and group level to help you succeed. Guidance is given at to you every session and the programs are structured with progressions are built in.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows though – Carly came to us with degeneration of her shoulder and neck – so being pain-free was important for her. “Out of the 4 P’s, Pain-free and Physique were the most important things for me.. I was worried about being terrible at the exercises and not being able to keep up.” Through using a combination of strength through a large range of motion, and load management – Carly has been able to become pain free and increase her performance!

After looking for a career change – Carly was looking to push herself both physically and mentally. “The main thing for me was to Get out of my comfort zone.  Push the body for results. And practice what I preach when I finally transition into a health and fitness role in the future – so the education was a big part for me as well”

What did you want to achieve when you started?  My overall goals were to train and move successfully without pain and discomfort.  Get my 20-year-old body back.  Learn different training and exercise skills and be confident in performing – safe to say I’ve achieved all of that and more. “

Do you have any last comments “I believe it’s the people and the community that has been created that makes it different from every other place.  Everyone is made to feel welcome and part of the crew with no one being left behind or left in the corner to hide. I would strongly recommend it for anyone at any age and skill level to give it a go.  BBB is turning everyday people into confident, strong, fit people.”

We couldn’t be more proud and lucky to have you Carly! Here’s to kicking arse into 2021!


Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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