As we round out the end of the 2021, things are starting to get nail-bitingly serious when it comes to selecting our next superstar athlete to be crowned Member of the Month… The stakes are getting higher and higher as more members are smashing their athletic goals and setting themselves up for success for the New Year!

For December, it is with great pride that we recognise the achievements of one of our longest standing members and all-around GUN, Adam Tulich! Having been a member at this gym since before BBB took over, AT has seen a fair few laps around the sun in the warehouse gym we call home. AT describes himself (and we would agree) as ‘a Waterloo Foundation Member; [he] migrated over from the previous Ignite Health, so definitely a few committed years there.

Before we recognise AT’s myriad of accomplishments in the gym, let’s learn a bit more about the person he is. 

Start with work, I’m an Account Director for a global software company that provides technology to the travel and tourism industry, which outside of a pandemic keeps me flying in a plane on key projects with fair regularity. I really enjoy what I do and as a bonus get to experience great food and culture while on the job. Back on the ground closer to home I live in inner west Sydney and enjoy the abundant mix of culture and diversity. Hobbies would probably be passion for collecting and listening to music on vinyl (and yeah I still buy CDs), reading paper books and streaming anything sci-fi with a soft spot for Star Trek. Down the sports aisle I’ll watch anything with a ball in play and hold a Parramatta Eels membership fully paid on auto-subscribe, but I’m just as happy watching the table tennis too (it’s a thing).’

A man with his fingers in a lot of pies! But, that hasn’t stopped him from prioritising his health and fitness and continuing to progress on his journey week in-week out. So, what exactly makes training and health so important to AT? He sees it as ‘an investment back into my health and wellbeing and I believe BBB does the full end-to-end value proposition really well. For me the mix of PT and group classes adds variety across several disciplines all backed by a committed team at BBB as well as a really nice bunch of members to train alongside of.

It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for his training though. Having suffered from two rotator cuff tears and a busted ankle before joining, AT recognised the importance of risk minimisation through training and the impact of preemptive strength training measures to stay healthy (i.e. gaining strength through range in order to move well and live a full, mobile and active life; something we at BBB practice and preach!).

Since joining the BBB family and training with our legendary coach Dan, AT has kept the niggles at bay and smashed some personal and physical goals along the way! He says, ‘my motivation from when I started training has changed over time and in a really good way that it’s a lot more specific now, more goal-oriented, more measured and more achievable I’m down from 103kg to 92kg in weight, down 3% body fat, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before, I’m pain-free, I’m making much better food choices and made a stack of new friends along the way at group classes. I’m fitter, healthier, in much better shape than I was 10 years ago!

When asked to reflect on his time at BBB and what has caused him to make such drastic and incredible changes to his life, he says ‘when I think about what key habit have helped me reach my training goals I’m going to say ‘consistency’ across the board is a core fundamental and something I’ve learned from BBB.

If AT’s previous experience hits close to home, and you find yourself concerned with recurring injuries, not being able to get the most out of our training or just not knowing where/how to start getting the results you want to see, take this as an opportunity to make the leap yourself! 

Find out for yourself what AT has described as ‘a key differentiator of BBB’; that is, ‘the team’s commitment and passion for training as well as creating an environment for all members that feels safe and fun’. 

One of the things he tells his friends about BBB is that ‘no matter your age, gender, ability or experience you are always made to feel welcome and supported throughout the member community and I think that’s really important, you make friends fast at BBB.’

If you’re keen to join AT and a bunch of other legends, come down, make some friends and smash some goals with one of the most supportive communities in the fitness game by reaching out to the BBB crew!


Ashley Reed

Functional Fitness Coach

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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