Most people think that to transform their physique and fitness, they need to go through a life-changing experience by altering everything at once. 

They need to:

  • Cut out all foods that aren’t on the “good list” 
  • Cut out all carbs after 6 PM 
  • Train HIIT for 45-60 a day (no rest for the wicked) 
  • Go for extra runs 
  • Meditate
  • Go to Yoga (Bikram, obviously, because you sweat more) 
  • Journal 
  • Read a book
  • The list goes on…. 

Often overwhelming themselves by setting unrealistic expectations and then feeling defeated when they miss a day. 

When really, it only requires a few simple & small changes repeated consistently over long periods of time. 

Too many people over-complicate the principles of change when in reality, masters don’t become masters because they are super-human and learn complex methods, they become masters because they grasp the concept of consistently nailing the basics. 

They understand that consistency trumps intensity and that marginal gains/compound interest are the 8th wonders of the world (in both directions).

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Pick (up to) 5 things that you know, if you were to complete more days than not, you would move the needle towards achieving your goals.
    Where you are now will determine the level of intensity you choose: 

This could be things like:

A. 30-60 minutes of exercise (of any kind)
[ideally, a BBB program of some sort because we can help develop all 4 aspects of fitness, but that’s your call and we won’t judge if you choose another gym]  

B. Eating in a 10-20% calorie deficit based on your TDEE
(track with 

C. Kick the drink: Cutting out alcohol completely or picking a number of standard drinks of your choice

D. Adding 20% to your daily step count based on your last month’s average
(either your apple watch or phone, whatever. 10,000 steps are arbitrary and subjective, so if you need to lose some belly fat, make a conscious effort to add 20% to last month’s average)

2. Create/use a habit tracker that is visible and accessible. E.g. on the fridge, on your desk at work, next to your bed. (Apps are good, but unless they are in your face, sometimes old-school can be best.)
Here’s one we have made for you (you can either use it on the spreadsheet or print it out)

The aim of the game isn’t necessarily to make every day perfect, as this often leads to unrealistic expectations and failing fast. 

The aim of the game is to accrue more good days than bad days so that you can get a net-positive return over the next 90 days, resulting in you being in a better position than you were before. 

Your first goal should be to make sure that you’re getting a minimum of 4 points for each task, each week so that you’re in a net-positive state of being.

You will have started a positive chain of events and be able to see your life change, one day at a time. 

If you find that 4 days isn’t enough to make a change, aim to get 5, 6, and ultimately 7 points per week for each task. 

Let me know if you have any questions on any of the above and we will happily run you through it. 

Brandon Hasick

Brandon Hasick

Director and Head Coach
Body By Brando

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