Programming June 5th-June 11th

Our programming is designed to produce the highest quality of physical capacity for the members of BBB. Our coaches ensure quality of movement is maintained throughout our sessions to guarantee safety and performance. 

Our members range from beginners to athletes and have a wide range of ability. We cater for all levels by scaling movements and intensity to suit the individual.  

Those looking for coaching or wanting to apply for our Personal Training Groups please click HERE to leave your details. 



Warm Up/ Mobility

2 mins skipping to increase heart rate

HIP flexor mobility + Single leg hamstring work (3-5 mins)

4   min EMOM:  

1. Reverse lunges x 16 reps  

2. Push Ups= 6 x explosive + 6 x controlled  

Key Lifts:

Underhand grip chin up holds:

3 sets of 30 second isometric holds with your mouth inline with the bar for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds and repeat.

Back Squats + Pull Ups

After adequate warm up begin your first working set at around 70% of your 1RM complete:

1 rep with a 4 second pause and then 3 reps with no pause

Rest 60 seconds and hit 6 strict pull ups then rest another 90 seconds before next set

Complete 5 sets at the same weight


 4 rounds for time:

10 Overhead reverse lunges (40/30)

10 Burpees over the bar

40 two feet jumps over the bar

*Beginners should complete lunges in front rack pos.

Mobility drills – Standing pigeon stretch + pancake 5 mins





Warm Up/ Mobility:                                      

 -       10 shoulder only wall balls + 10 full wall balls + 30 sec superman (x 3 rounds)

-       skin the cats on bars or rings to open anterior shoulders

-       banded external rotation drills for 2-3 minutes

Key Lifts:

 Nose 2 wall handstand holds (competition with a partner)

Both partners begin at the same time. First one to come down owes the other partner 10 sit ups x 3 rounds  

Dumbell rows + Arnold Press combo

8 DB rows per hand: rest 60 seconds

8 Arnold press (bicep curl to strict shoulder press)

4 sets of each

Straight arm tech. on parallel bars and handstand progressions

5 mins of progressions

Conditioning: 11 minute AMRAP:

DB Squat snatch x 10 reps (20/15

Sit ups x 15 reps

Box Jumps x 10 reps (24/20”)


[WOD UP Wednesday]

Warm Up/ Mobility:

 -       3 minute AMRAP of reverse lunges with 5 burpees on the start of each minute

-       Kosack squat drills and pancake stretching

-       Front lever drills x 3 sets of 20 seconds on 40 seconds off



 A.  10 RM Thruster

10  Minutes to build and find your 10 Rep max thruster

Rest 5 minutes and set up for:

 B.   4 rounds for time

30/25 Calorie Ride or Row

20 Wall Balls

10 Burpee (jumping over the wall ball each rep)




Warm Up:

 Run 200m + juggling drills x 3 rounds

Chest stretching on bench (lay on bench, arms out to the side like crucifix with small weight for extra stretch)

Emom: A. Wall climbs x 3,           B. Hollow body holds x 30 seconds

Handstand battles with a partner.

Key Lifts:

 A) Barbell Strict Press + C2B Pull Ups

 6 reps of barbell strict press : 

Rest 60 seconds then hit 80% effort of chest to bar pull ups

(if beginner level, work on body awareness and kipping drills)

building in weight each set of presses to find heaviest set of 6


B) 30 second AMRAPS x 4- Push ups

Complete as many push ups as possible in 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds and repeat 4 rounds



 8 minute AMRAP

8 x Toes to bar

8 x Handstand Push ups

50 x Double-Unders / 90 single skips



Warm Up

Trigger Point LAX Ball Through glute medius and hamstring

Rope climb drills with straight arm holds

Dragon flags + Superman Holds (30 sec each x 3 sets)

Shoulder health techniques.   

Key Lifts:                                                                                           Kettle Bell Racked Walking Lunges  (1 KB per hand)

Warm up sets with no weights + activation drills

2 sets of 30 steps

2 sets of 20 steps

2 sets of 10 steps

Building in weight.


Conditioning: For time:

50/40 Cal assault bike

12  Clean and Jerks (60/40kg)


9 Clean and Jerks


6 Clean and Jerks



[Saturday Weight-Lifting]

Warm Up:

 2 rounds: 10 box jumps + pike handstand

front rack mobility drills

2 rounds: 3 RDLs + 3 muscle clean + 3 power clean + 3 squat clean + 3 thruster


Key Lifts:

Power Cleans

A)  2 sets of 10 reps with light weight

B)   2 sets of 6

C) 3 sets of 3

D)  at the weight you hit your heavy 3 at. Hit 1 rep every 30 seconds for 8 sets.  


[Saturday Sweat Session]




1.   6 min EMOM:

A)   200 metre run

B)    wall ball cleans x 12 reps


2.   Last man standing

On the minute complete 2 Wall Balls + 2 Burpees

Add 2 reps to each movement each minute until you can’t fit the reps in the minute

I.e. 4 WB + 4 Burpees


3.   Against the clock (90 on 90 off x 4 sets)

12/ 9 calorie assault bike

6 Toes to Bar

Max effort Box Jumps until 90 second time cap

Your score is total box jumps across 4 sets