2016 Health and Fitness trends reveal training solely for weight loss, is now a thing of the past.

So, what does that make the 2016 top trend?

It comes as no surprise, the focus has shifted to strength and calisthenic/ bodyweight training.

Thats right, back to the good ‘ole’ basics. Body weight training is making a comeback.

We’re seeing a return in basic bodyweight movements that when programmed correctly are super effective and creative

Less is now more, the latest trend is to be lifting, holding and hurtling our body weights, to make the most of what we have. So why would we need machines in the gym, when we have our very own machine to work with.

A common misconception about exercising is that you need fancy machines or an expensive gym membership, but instead, we need to utilise our own machines first.

Think muscle ups, handstands and planches.

Even better, calisthenic training is completely free and is accessible no matter where you are. It has also been proven to improve your metabolism, which of course enables us to expend greater amounts of energy.

If an increased metabolism leads to fat loss, then why is the weight loss trend ‘a thing of the past’?

These days, people are beginning to understand the numerous benefits of strength/ calisthenic training; not only for weight loss but the mental and overall health benefits it endures.

Bodyweight training can also help maintain cognitive function which transfers into so many aspects of our daily lives. It can improve our mood and help fight depression.

Resistance and body weight training improves our ability to obtain knowledge through thought; and improves our ability to perform mental and physical tasks.

Exercise triggers the brain’s ‘executive function’ to command and control our cognitive skills, which ultimately manages tasks in our everyday lives.

One of the greatest benefits of resistance and bodyweight training is the marked improvement in memory and memory-related tasks.

This year, Strength training also remains a central emphasis. The incorporation of strength training is an essential part of a complete exercise program for all physical activity levels and genders.

Strength and Conditioning, reaps so many training benefits; the most obvious being incremental increases in overall strength, and improvements in coordination.

By incorporating strength into your weekly training regime, it helps to manipulate the active muscles and thus form a connection between the mind and the muscles. A fundamental aspect of any strength training, as it transcend into our daily lives and  ability to perform daily tasks.

People still however don’t take full advantage of what strength training programs have to offer.

It’s time we (predominantly women) recognised the benefits of strength training. Whilst cardio may slim you down, ultimately it will leave you ‘skinny’ and ‘soft’. Strength programs however, enable you to retain muscle mass whilst burning fat, see a larger engine burns more fuel.

Stressing your  body with a heavy load makes it stronger, whether that be a dumbbell, barbell or your very own body.

Large muscles burn more calories and thus more fat; it comes as no surprise that strength and functional training is amongst the top exercise trends for 2016; and is the way of the future.

Start to focus on the benefits, and develop a love for training; rather than using it solely for weight loss. It’s out with the old and in with the new.

So, here are my top 5 body weight exercises (that you can do anywhere) that can help to improve your overall strength.


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