BodybyBrando is one of our Bondi community’s favourite trainers. Brando is an absolute goal crusher and got there by taking some big risks. Nobody can tell you the story of how he outgrew two gyms within a year better than he can…

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“I have always been intrigued by the human body. Not just the way it moves or looks, but also by how much it is affected by our mental capacity and the thoughts we produce. Around 16 months ago I was working for a Group Training company and doing some PT on the side.

After months of not being able to express myself the way I wanted to in the group sessions, reducing my ability to make a mark on the industry like I wanted to, I decided to start my own company called BodybyBrando. Now I could be my own boss, make my own rules and ultimately change the way people looked at their bodies. I had plenty of people tell me the risks of running a small business, especially with the competition of the fitness industry, but I never had a doubt about what I wanted to achieve because I am so passionate about my style of training and what I can help people achieve. I see so many people who separate their bodies from their mental state and see exercise as just getting sweaty to lose weight. Without ever interacting with or acknowledging the connection between their mind and their muscles.

I spent all of my savings at the time to buy $10k worth of squat racks, rubber mats and barbells where I built an outdoor performance centre in my backyard. (I didn’t tell the landlord which created some dilemmas, funny story). I hired a business coach to help me market my product. I knew that what I had to offer was great, but had no idea how to let other people know about it. There went another $6k and I was quickly falling into the red. But, after doing some big hours, constantly hustling to promote my business and the effects it can have in this world, things starting turning around. My clients were all getting great results. Both mentally and physically. And so the numbers began to roll through.

I increased my group limit and began opening up more session times, before long I decided to take a leap and move into a bigger space in paddington, where I sub leased a double shed off the side of a pre-existing gym. It was no Taj Mahal, but I knew it was only temporary. I had much bigger things in mind. After only 3 months and classes beginning to fill up, I decided to make an offer to the gym I was sub-leasing off, to buy his company and merge the two, so I could take over the 250m2 of space I wanted. I now employ 2 great coaches who run some sessions for me, allowing me to focus on growing the business even more so I can help spread our great community vibe to even more people. Let’s see what 2016 has to offer.” -Brando, BodybyBrando

Can you see how this guy inspires us?


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