The 7 mobility drills you need to be doing whilst working from home

We’re working from home, which means we are probably hunched up at a non-ergonomic desk and moving less than we generally would. 

So, in order to try and reverse the effects of muscular plasticity (muscles forming to the shape or state in which they spend most of their time), I want you to commit to these stretches over the next few weeks. 

Let’s keep it simple and aim for 90-120 second per side if it’s unilateral or 3 mins if it’s bilateral. 

  1. The couch stretch

The GOAT stretch to keep the anterior long and strong and prevent the hip flexors from getting short and weak (the top cause of lower back pain)


  1. The Standing QL side stretch

Lengthen out your quadratus lumborum and immediately feel the effects on your lower back.


  1. The deep squat hold + twist or overhead hold 

Sitting in the bottom of a squat for 3 minutes each day keeps you young.
Whilst you might think, “well isn’t it considered sitting”?, nope, you’re actively utilising muscles whilst in the bottom of a squat. Sitting de-activates them.

If you don’t believe me, try working 8 hours in a squat 😉


  1. Knees over toes split squat

Bang for buck! Get ankle dorsiflexion range in the front and hip flexion length in the back.


  1. Supermans 

Not technically a stretch, but amazing for activating the posterior chain and developing muscular endurance to keep your body stronger for longer.


  1. Underhand chin up/ hang

If you can find something to hang off: accumulate 3 mins a day to lengthen and decompress your spine.


  1. Pigeon stretch

Lengthen out the piriformis and glute medius to unlock hip mobility you’ve always dreamed of.

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You’ll be surprised how easy, effective and sustainable this process is
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