Let’s face it. You’re following our content because you want 2 things to come from your the time you spend in the gym.

You want to LOOK GOOD and MOVE WELL? Am I right?

Well here are our 3 key ways to build a Lean, Yet Functional Physique.

1. Accrue more training volume:

One of the most common things we notice as strength and conditioning coaches, is that most people do not lift enough weights and do not provide their body with enough stimulus to create an adaptation.

If there is not enough force produced, with enough time under tension (TUT), your body will have no need to grow/ adapt and undergo growth and repair.

If your body is not undergoing growth and repair, then it means there was not enough mechanical tension or metabolic stress. These are the two very things that are both essential for the downstream effects of protein synthesis. (directly correlated with a lean muscular physique)

So Rule #1. You don’t necessarily have to life “more” weight, but you do have to accrue more force production, for longer.

There are a number of ways you can alter these 2 variables, including tempo, pauses, reps and sets.

2. Follow the nutrition hierarchy

The nutrition hierarchy looks like this …

Most people jump to the top of the pyramid hoping that supplements and not eating after 2pm will save them, however, based on the nutritional hierarchy that we have proven works with over 300 members, people need to start focusing on their energy balance and consuming less calories than they expend.

Eat the right amount of calories for your goal, based off your current situation.

Get very clear on short term goals and stay consistent. If you’re storing too much body fat right now, then start with a calorie deficit until you’re at the % you want to be and then slowly rebuild your calories to build that lean and muscular physique. (No one likes the puffy look)

3. Move well, through large ranges of motion

There is only 1 reason people do half reps.

Because it’s easier.

You know what doesn’t get results?

Taking the easy road.

If it did, you’d see a whole lot more people with better looking bodies.

Your job going forward is to making training AHAP (as hard as possible) so that your body actually has the chance  (and reason) to adapt and change.

Stop taking the easy road and stop looking for short cuts. Complete full reps, with more time under tension and more weights. That’s where the magic happens

The full range of motion thing ties in really well with the training variables that affect training volume. By forcing yourself into deeper positions and producing strength there, you’re essentially creating more training volume and therefore will get more bang for you buck with your training adaptations.

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