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Discover how Jen went from fit to fitter

“It’s just a culture and you become best friends with each other, it’s a different element of drive and passion. The coaches are always there to give you what you need to succeed.”

Check out Juan’s epic transformation

“When I started I was 95kg, the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and around 25% body fat now I’m sitting at 81kg and about 10% body fat. Wasn’t really sure whether it was gonna happen.”

See Michael’s massive body comp change!

“The coaches always make you feel welcome – they get involved in the classes, they’ll help and teach you, and it’s same with the other members. On top of that, I started at about 98kgs and 28% body fat, but am currently sitting at around 85kgs and 15%!”

Find out why Aisha decided to join the BBB crew

“I came back from holidays feeling soft around the edges. I was a little intimidated about joining a gym like this one because of the shirtless bodies, but I had to do something and I was confident they could get me a result. I’m so glad I did as I dropped the weight I wanted to, I feel stronger than ever and I have met so many awesome people.”

Why us and why are we different?


We are university qualified coaches with years of experience


We know how to transform people’s physique in a sustainable way


We know how to improve our athlete’s performance


We know how to make people feel good through our community vibes.