How to break self-sabotaging habits.

How much are you willing to sacrifice in the short-term, for long term satisfaction? We all chase after things we think will make us happier now. But how often do you question whether an action is going to be the best decision for you in the long-term? In certain circumstances, the quickest route to contentment isn’t always the most beneficial for us overall. The concept of sacrificing something immediately satisfying for the potential benefits of something greater in the long-term is known as delayed gratification. It’s all well and good to be aware of the concept of delayed gratification, but how do you get better at it then? Well it’s not easy - just like a muscle being trained, you can develop your ability to do it. But just like training muscles, it’s not miraculously fixed overnight. Here are several, actionable ways to work on improving it.

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5 simple tactics to boost your mental and physical health.

Food is one thing that has evolved massively throughout the last few generations . We transitioned from a diet based in meat, veggies and some fruits to a wide variety of processed food-like substances with artificial flavours and poor nutrient density. Our bodies were developed in adversity. Everyday was a battle to survive and because of that we developed different strategies or tools to stay alive. If it was too cold we would cover our bodies with animal skins or make fire to cook and warm-up ourselves. The seek for pleasure wasn't something free but a strategy to overcome the adversities that we faced daily.

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