North Sydney Feature Member: Lachlan Heussler

At Body By Brando, we always hear that people don’t have enough time and that they’re always too busy. One of our founding members and Member of the Month for May 2022 - Lachlan Heussler - proves that you can achieve your fitness goals if you dedicate the time and find the right community and coaches to support you. Find out more about his journey with BBB!

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Bondi Feature Member: Madison Cutmore

For the month of May, we have such an incredible woman to represent and that is…Madison Cutmore. But you can call her Mads. Whilst Mads is one of our most hard-working and diligent members of BBB, and when she isn’t sweating it out in the gym, Mads is actually working as a women's health physiotherapist! So if you are a female out there in need of help! Then Mads is your girl! 

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Waterloo Feature Member: Chris Andersen

Chris Anderson is one of our newer athletes at BBB, works as a physiotherapist and hails from Scotland originally. Despite only being here for 6 short months, he has achieved an epic result in terms of body composition change, strength gains, skill development and becoming a pillar in the BBB 6:30am class (along with his partner Dan and adorable dog Ruby).

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Bondi Feature Member: Deanne Stindl

Our newest and brightest MOTM goes to Deanne, but goes by Dee! She might be a Medical Sales Territory Manager but she is an absolute gun in the gym. Dee has been training CrossFit for the last 3 or so years, and she absolutely loves it. With a huge passion for fitness, and has also danced professionally her whole life. Dee got into lifting in the last 6 years and it sure as hell shows!

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Waterloo Feature Member: Ross Fraser

Ross has been coming out of his shell with not just the coaches, but also with the community we’ve got here at Body By Brando, and it has been riveting to see. He has only been with us for around 10 months (with some of that time including when we were in lockdown), but has managed to improve his technical lifting skills and performance in the workouts, all while making friends, having fun, and being part of a supportive and challenging community.

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Why you should be testing and tracking your fitness

Most people aimlessly turn up to workouts and judge their workout by how fatigued they feel or how much sweat they managed to leave on the gym mats. These are signs of a great workout but they don’t give you much data in the way of defining how fit you are because they lack any objectivity. Read more to find out why you should be testing and tracking your fitness.

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