Waterloo Feature Member: Sam Trevethan

Our latest superstar is none other than Sam “hot shred” Trevethan! Sam has been a staple of the 6:30 morning class at Waterloo for almost a year now! Over the last 12 months Sams has been able to change the way he looks, moves and feels and make a couple of friends along the way. Sam has made incredible progress, losing 10kgs, gaining muscle mass and improving his confidence!

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Waterloo Feature Member: Jennie N

Our next superstar is none other than pocket rocket Jennie! We’ve been lucky enough to house Jennies glowing positive energy and infectious smile for just over 6 month now. Jennie came from a background of weight training and running - and after plateauing her results, she was up for a change. Jennie has come on in leaps and bounds both in her nutrition and her physical performance, smashing goals on both sides of the spectrum. She's managed to reduce body fat by 8% - get her first pull ups and handstands and a body weight clean and jerk!

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Paddington Feature Member: Nick Scott

Nick has been a member of Body by Brando for just under a year and has increased both his physical skills and confidence within the group setting in leaps and bounds in that time. Prior to BBB Nick was taking part in a lot of running and HIIT classes but couldn't quite find his groove as the occasional niggle would throw out his consistency. With little experience with Olympic lifting and gymnastics Nick was a bit nervous to join the group classes in fear of “embarrassing myself and being a member of the bottom of the pack”.

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5 simple tactics to boost your mental and physical health.

Food is one thing that has evolved massively throughout the last few generations . We transitioned from a diet based in meat, veggies and some fruits to a wide variety of processed food-like substances with artificial flavours and poor nutrient density. Our bodies were developed in adversity. Everyday was a battle to survive and because of that we developed different strategies or tools to stay alive. If it was too cold we would cover our bodies with animal skins or make fire to cook and warm-up ourselves. The seek for pleasure wasn't something free but a strategy to overcome the adversities that we faced daily.

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Paddington Feature Member: Lewis Chan

After weeks of research and contemplation Lewis decided to take the leap! “I had nothing to lose. I was bored with solitary training and doing my own programs which evidently weren't working as I wasn't putting on weight and I kept injuring myself”. Initially coming in with the body composition goal of wanting to increase his lean body mass after months of lockdown, “I was pretty close-minded when I first started. All I wanted was to put on the weight I had lost during lockdown to feel less skinny and more confident”, this eventually shifted to performance goals as his confidence grew.

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Optimising your training around your menstrual cycle

As a female who regularly trains, have you ever considered how your time of the month affects your performance in the gym? If you haven’t, then I hope this blog elucidates the complexity and power of your body, and you walk away becoming more aware of how it operates on a monthly basis, and more importantly, how to use this to your advantage in the gym.

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Waterloo Feature Member: Carly Schutt

Our newest superstar has been with us for just over a year now! Carly leads a busy life, balancing full-time work and study. She’s managed to learn new movements, whilst becoming pain-free and move well through a large range of motion. The results she's garnered from training at BBB has allowed her to live a more energetic lifestyle, and give her an insight as she hopes to move into the health and fitness industry.

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About to quit? Here’s how to talk your way out of it

Everyone faces adversity. Some may be harder than others, but adversity is necessary if we want to grow. Without the stimulus, there is no adaptation. Much like a diamond is just a rock that has been under pressure for 1000s of years, we too can come out the other side in a much better position if we learn how to cope with the short term discomfort. Most things that we face in life are less about what actually happens and more about how we react to what happens. If we can learn to control our emotions about the circumstance, rather than trying to control the circumstance itself, we will be able to move through adversity a lot more efficiently.

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