Waterloo Feature Member: Ross Fraser

Ross has been coming out of his shell with not just the coaches, but also with the community we’ve got here at Body By Brando, and it has been riveting to see. He has only been with us for around 10 months (with some of that time including when we were in lockdown), but has managed to improve his technical lifting skills and performance in the workouts, all while making friends, having fun, and being part of a supportive and challenging community.

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North Sydney Feature Member: Mike Morgan

Michael Morgan is one of the foundation members of the group and has gone from strength to strength since the transition. He’s lost over 30kgs and has never felt more energetic. Coaching Mike is an absolute pleasure, his willingness to learn and take feedback has allowed him to make rapid gains in such a short period of time. Find out more!

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Paddington Feature Member: Jeremy Carsorso

Jeremy Carsoso is BBB Paddington's January 2022 and FINAL feature member for the location. After 2 years with BBB, he looks to push himself to reach his physical potential, whilst also remaining injury free and looking great. Whether that is flying high doing muscle ups, or winning a running workout, Jeremy is certainly doing it all.

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Waterloo Feature Member: Reg Leones

Reg Leones has been a member at Waterloo for around 2 years but let’s start at the beginning and find out what life was like before he joined the crew. As Reg himself says, here at BBB ‘it’s not just about lifting heavier, moving faster, or getting quick results. I appreciate the support with learning new skills and improving overall fitness, including nutrition and mobility.’

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Waterloo Feature Member: Kirsten Stanisich

Kirsten has had more sessions at our Waterloo gym than I’ve had hot dinners! After training here for the last 15 years - she's the definition of consistency. She managed to stay happy and healthy and prioritise exercise, which has enabled her to stay in the game and keep improving from week to week on things like pullups, handstands and Olympic lifting.

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