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Our facility specialises in transforming the way people look, move and feel. We pride ourselves not only in providing world class strength and conditioning training, but also in creating a motivating and dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all abilities and body types.


Justice Case Worker

Since dislocating my shoulder, I didn’t have the confidence to put weights above my head or do functional movements in fear of popping it out again. Since coming to BBB and working with professionals, that has changed and I now have the confidence to push myself and can now squat more than my bodyweight above my head, with the confidence to move my body however I want.


CrossFit Member

I was spending $220 a week on gym fees and personal training sessions, receiving 2 sessions a week and a program I never used. At BBB I spend less than half of that and I now train 5 days a week. I’ve dropped 15kg and although I’m not there yet, I’m 5 times fitter and spending a quarter of the money.

AISHA Mulligan

School Teacher

I came back from holidays and was feeling soft around the edges. I was a little intimidated about joining a gym like this one because of the shirtless bodies, but I had to do something and I was confident they could get me a result. I’m so glad I did as I dropped the weight I wanted to, I feel stronger than ever and I have met so many awesome people.

Damo edwards


There’s always a stigma, you see all the people on Instagram with their kit off and with a 6 pack, and you’re the guy that doesn’t have that look. To date – I’m down 12kgs, I’m moving better and I feel amazing. I couldn’t say any better words about the coaches here, they all know what they’re doing and continue to push me super hard.

sean dimmock

High School Student

I wanted to become better at rugby. Before I became a member at Body By Brando, I did a lot of sport but the competition caught up and it was more about who was working harder as opposed to natural skill. I realised that I had to start working harder in the gym, so I came to BBB and began training functional movement.


CrossFit Member

I wasn’t really nervous, to be honest, I was excited!  There’s no outlandish BDE at the gym despite some mad rigs, it is still inclusive and all members are super friendly and encouraging. Since joining Body By Brando, I’ve gotten a 4% reduction in body fat and a deadlift personal best!

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Michael Wilson
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When you’re done with the quick fixes and playing with the kids and their little toys at disFuntional45 and you’re ready to learn to train, live and be awesome go to Brando’s. The coaches actually teach you a thing or two instead of just pointing to a screen for you to copy like a robot. They actually help you do things right instead of just turning up the music and ignoring you. They listen to your needs. No hype, no fuss. Just results.
Lewis Samardzija
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One of the best group and personal training studios in Sydney. The class community makes you feel welcome each and every time you come. It's great to find a place that has such an emphasis on not only strength and fitness but also mobility. Their training ensures that each week you are working towards a yearly periodised programming which encompasses all aspects of fitness. An amazing Strength and Conditioning facility.
Brandon Nguyen
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Joining BBB was life changing. I would always get anxiety when I go to the gym and it was a place where I would avoid people or any interactions. Brando has created a environment that has made going to the gym an enjoyment and a great time. BBB is not a place where it "Simon says and Simons do" but Brando educates and I have taken this education pass the gym and to my everyday life. So glad to join BBB.
Far-Zad Rahim
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So glad to find BBB. I had 2 years of back to back injuries and now 15 weeks 5 days a week training with no injuries at BBB. I have been active all my life and learnt more than ever since I joined BBB. If you wanna learn about a balanced fitness lifestyle with attention to every detail that matters and help you meet your goals, come and see the guys at BBB. You’ll see the difference from your assessment day like the priorities, techniques and above all the community of great coaches and training buddies.
Adam Chugg
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I’d been doing the same workouts at the gym for yonks and was keen for a change. I’ve been in Melbourne and doing the online program for nearly a year and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. Feeling awesome and would certainly recommend!
Odelia Potts
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This gym is for people who really want to build their body strength and shread their bodies with real experts that understand more than just personal training. They have been greatly helping me in the rehabilitation of my back. This is the longest stay and commitment I have made to any gym because it really is good.


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