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Our facility specialises in transforming the way people look, move and feel. We pride ourselves not only in providing world class strength and conditioning training, but also in creating a motivating and dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all abilities and body types.



Before starting, I was most nervous about being 52 and training with a bunch of people who are 20 years younger than me but I got over that pretty quickly. My goals were to just keep me in a regular routine so that I could maintain some good long term results but I’ve gained more including extra strength in my upper body with push ups, pull ups handstands, pulls ups and all the overhead movements.


Singer and DJ

I joined BBB to become pain free from a niggling shoulder injury. Almost a year later, I am HUGE 90% pain free currently! It’s so good. And I made it into the group classes and I’m able to perform all the moves with everyone else. I also got my first toes to bar recently!


Investment Manager

Looking through the guides (Level Method) that Brando has put together really sets out what your skill level in certain exercises might be. So I knew I was good at some things, not so good at others and there were a few things I’d never done before which made me interested in how I’d adapt to this type of environment.


Healthcare Staffing Worker

I honestly was very nervous about being surrounded by fit individuals who knew what they were doing. Being quite unfit and knew absolutely nothing about exercising, it was pretty daunting. Since coming to BBB, I have gained the knowledge, experience, and confidence to be able to train on my own outside our sessions and continue working on being a fitter, healthier version of myself. I have achieved an awesome milestone and reaching 12-13% body fat.


IT Specialist

Being out of shape, I’m apprehensive about my ability to keep up with the classes and feeling inadequate amongst experienced, fit people. But once BBB has taught me all the fundamentals and get to know the foundations, there is infinite potential to develop and improve, and having all of my scores, times and weights recorded means I can see my improvement and always have something to aim for.



Just seeing the level of fitness the BBB members and coaches were at was a bit daunting but after being around for a while, you’re really going to enjoy it. I think it’s the structure of the training and the results speak for themselves. I feel that BBB has created more of a friendly training environment rather than a gym you go to just to workout then go home. It’s a reflection of Brando and all you guys.


Justice Case Worker

Since dislocating my shoulder, I didn’t have the confidence to put weights above my head or do functional movements in fear of popping it out again. Since coming to BBB and working with professionals, that has changed and I now have the confidence to push myself and can now squat more than my bodyweight above my head, with the confidence to move my body however I want.


CrossFit Member

I was spending $220 a week on gym fees and personal training sessions, receiving 2 sessions a week and a program I never used. At BBB I spend less than half of that and I now train 5 days a week. I’ve dropped 15kg and although I’m not there yet, I’m 5 times fitter and spending a quarter of the money.

AISHA Mulligan

School Teacher

I came back from holidays and was feeling soft around the edges. I was a little intimidated about joining a gym like this one because of the shirtless bodies, but I had to do something and I was confident they could get me a result. I’m so glad I did as I dropped the weight I wanted to, I feel stronger than ever and I have met so many awesome people.

Damo edwards


There’s always a stigma, you see all the people on Instagram with their kit off and with a 6 pack, and you’re the guy that doesn’t have that look. To date – I’m down 12kgs, I’m moving better and I feel amazing. I couldn’t say any better words about the coaches here, they all know what they’re doing and continue to push me super hard.

sean dimmock

High School Student

I wanted to become better at rugby. Before I became a member at Body By Brando, I did a lot of sport but the competition caught up and it was more about who was working harder as opposed to natural skill. I realised that I had to start working harder in the gym, so I came to BBB and began training functional movement.


CrossFit Member

I wasn’t really nervous, to be honest, I was excited!  There’s no outlandish BDE at the gym despite some mad rigs, it is still inclusive and all members are super friendly and encouraging. Since joining Body By Brando, I’ve gotten a 4% reduction in body fat and a deadlift personal best!

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