Stop copying other people. They don't have a clue either.

 It’s like a big game of Chinese whispers out there.

Do you remember in school when you would copy the person next to you, only to find out they didn’t have a clue either? So you’d both end up with shit marks.

Well, when you’re copying the people you see on Instagram, or your mate at the gym, or listening to what Matt down the street tells you she’s doing, you’re doing the exact same thing as you did in high school.. 

Whilst there’s so much information out there and it’s overwhelming to try and sift through it all, your natural instinct is to copy someone who either looks the part or someone you trust for other information. Which makes sense on the surface. 

The only issue with that is that the guys you see on Instagram often don’t know what they did to achieve the results they got, so they just make up what feels good, without ever correlating results to any scientific or physiological principles.

And whilst your neighbor Mike might be great for car advice, that doesn’t mean he knows his way around a human body or the workings of physiological processes. (no offence Mike)

The human body is pretty complex, however, there are a few processes that are quite easy to digest and if followed correctly, will yield 80% of your results. 

1. Eat high-quality foods in the right quantities for your goals.

Yes, calories matter and so does food quality. There is generally a pretty good crossover between high quality, nutrient-dense foods and a controlled calorie diet. Once you start eating more and more high-quality foods, the junk food cravings will disappear. Trust me.

Rather than cutting out junk food, just prioritise good food. Hit your protein targets as a priority and watch the rest of your diet fall into place.
If you aren’t sure how much you should be eating, then get in touch. We teach this day in and day out.


2. Move well through a large range of motion and progressively overload to achieve a high relative intensity.

STOP trying to copy the influencers doing HIIT workouts, challenges, booty bands, plyometrics etc.

There are 4 fundamental planes of motion you need to worry about
– Squat
– Press
– Pull
– Hinge
(with subcategories inside of these) but the point is, if you can nail the fundamental movements with a large range of motion and progressively overload them across various energy and strength continuums, then you will achieve massive results. And it’s a very simple process

This is it. Do these 2 things, really well!

We teach these fundamental movements as part of our onboarding process so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it, FOR LIFE. 

Even if you only trained with us for 3 months, you would have the skills to last you a lifetime. 

If you can’t train with us, here’s my top tutorial videos. 

  1. Goblet squat 
  2. Front squat 
  3. Back Squat 
  4. Strict Press
  5. Push press 
  6. Strict Pull-Up 
  7. Deadlift 
  8. Power clean | Squat Clean
  9. Power Snatch | Squat Snatch

From October we will be offering 3 online training programs for you to choose from to cater for all fitness levels.

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We have
1. The beginner’s Benchmark program: for pure beginners who no or limited experience in weights training. We provide tutorials and benchmarks for your to hit before moving onto the next level.

2. The functional fitness bridging program: for those with strength and conditioning experience, but want to learn the finer skills of functional fitness (Olympic lifting and gymnastics)

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You’ll be surprised how easy, effective and sustainable this process is
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Brandon Hasick

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