What Do We Factor in When We Calculate Calories
Gut Cleanse for Health and Vitality

Through the course of our day to day lives, we come into contact with a wide range of bacterias, parasites and many other organisms both good and bad.

These can be in our food, on objects we touch at work or in the gym, or even in the air. 

When the more

sinister beings make their way into our system we can have adverse health reactions either from the organisms themselves or from our body’s reactions in trying to eliminate them.


Unfortunately, a lot of our habits and the poor diet choices we make prevent our body from doing its job and allow these pathogens to flourish and cause further harm. 

The presence of parasites and fungal overgrowths manifest in a wide range of symptoms – the most common of which can be dandruff, itchy ears, abdominal discomfort and skin conditions like eczema and ringworm (not to mention, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass). 



Left untreated these can lead to life-threatening diseases like auto-immune issues and even mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

There is a vital link between our gut and brain health that we are learning more and more about every day that shows we need to take far more care with our diets than we’ve ever realised.


We have teamed up with the guys at corrective culture to bring you a 4-week Parasite and Gut Cleanse that will set you up for better health and vitality as we come into the summer months. (check out some of their amazing work here)

Some people may need or want to continue this cleanse for a longer period, but by the end of the 4 weeks, most participants will have eliminated microbial pathogens, starved bug and parasite populations and reduced fungal colony to a healthy level. 


The program will also allow for repair and restoration of a healthy gut and digestive function and boost the immune system. 


Parasite cleanses have remedied many patients issues of chronic pain, inflammation, leaky gut, low energy and malnutrition. (not to mention, the aesthetic benefits of losing body fat and increasing muscle mass due to the proper uptake of nutrients in the body) 

For the most effective cleanse we recommend going on this program for 4 weeks, take a week off and then continue for a further 2 weeks. This will ensure the termination of all fungal overgrowths and parasites including eggs and hatchlings.


We have created a 4 week Gut cleanse and Shred which will guide you through the entire process. 


You’ll receive 

  • The Corrective Culture Parasite and Gut cleanse e-book ($50)

  • Access to the BBB pre-summer shred Facebook page 

  • Access to a private Facebook page (for Gut cleansers only) where you can ask me private questions, get recipes and be supported throughout the process) 


I will be undertaking this cleanse with you, along with a bunch of people already signed up, so you’ll have an epic support crew for when times get a little tough. 

Our body’s microbiome cling onto things they are expecting, however, if we manage to starve them of their cravings, we will allow ourselves to renew and revitalise the system for long term success. 


Not to scare you off, but the boys have mentioned “that is likely you’ll feel worse before you feel better” 

Which is even more reason to dive headfirst into this cleanse. Sometimes the things we fear are the things we need most. 


There are 3 reasons why you should do this cleanse. 

  1. You’re someone who has done a shred, diet or “cleanse” before but weren’t able to stick to it long enough to see results 

  2. You’re someone who has got results with the aforementioned but weren’t able to keep it going long term

  3. You haven’t done a gut cleanse before and you’d love to learn how to live at the top of your game.


Jump onto THIS LINK to sign up. 


For those who aren’t ready to dive headfirst into a life-changing experience, we have another option for you. 

Jump onto the Personalised Shred by clicking here 


** Please note: we are not implying that everyone or anyone needs to shred, cleanse or change their life. This is merely an opportunity for those who are looking to discover their true potential and expand their knowledge of their body. 

This is an opportunity that has little to no downside, but an exponential upside.


Applications close on Wednesday 14th October 2020

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our small group or personal training membership at our Paddington or Waterloo locations, click here to learn more and apply. 

What Do We Factor in When We Calculate Calories
It is very likely that you will feel worse before you feel better, which is exactly why you should do it

Brandon Hasick

Brandon Hasick

Director and Head Coach of BBB

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