Reframing your self talk

One slip up isn’t the end of the world. Reframe your self talk to overcome failure and move towards success.

How often do we set ourselves a challenge, start off all guns blazing with motivation sky-high, only to come crashing down on the first or second weekend once temptation overcomes us?

We then think to ourselves, “fu*# it, I’ve failed. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound” and continue ravishing our way through burgers, chocolate bars and bottomless rose’. 

Nope? Just me? 

Anyway, the point is, we see this time and time again with our clients, so we know this is happening across the board. 

We hype ourselves up so much about succeeding and failing, that we forget the bigger picture. 

The shame of having to tell our friends (or ourselves) that we couldn’t stick to a diet or exercise program and that we are lousy humans for it. 

But are we really? Does anyone else really think this about us? Or are we just constructing stories in our head based on comparing ourselves to society’s highlight reels?

Let’s look at it this way. 

Option 1: I said I wasn’t going to drink for 30 days, but I had a few glasses of wine, so my challenge is ruined. I might as well keep drinking now and try again next year. 


Option 2: I set myself a 30 day no drinking challenge. I had some wines, however, if I don’t drink for the rest of the 30 days I can look back and say “I only drank once in 30 days”. 

Which of these examples will end up with a more positive result in the direction of their desires? 

Success isn’t always linear, nor is it absolute. It doesn’t have to perfectly match the narrative you tell yourself and it doesn’t actually matter how you get there. 

Whilst creating unbroken days of success is generally the best way to achieve a result, you don’t need to let the notion of “unbroken” or perfect, get in the way of your success. 

What matters most is that you accumulate marginal gains that result in a net-positive outcome.

I.e. having more good days than bad days.  

PS: this is not about condoning failure on your next challenge or giving yourself an excuse to give up time and time again, this is about reframing your inner dialogue and the way you see things so you can achieve success in whatever you set out to achieve. 

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