Gymnastics Seminar Waterloo


Ever wanted to muscle up or walk on your hands? Well you’re in luck, and just in time for this year’s CF open, we will be running a 2 hour seminar aimed at helping you develop the skills and understand the progressions to be able to nail some of the most advanced gymnastics movements. We’ll walk you through a combination of neurological and physiological progressions and pre-requisites required to be able to perform these advanced movements. YOU’LL WALK AWAY WITH
  • Mobility drills to help you get into better positions
  • Activation drills to get your body prepared for training
  • Kipping pull ups
  • Butterfly pull ups
  • Muscle Ups and Progressions
  • Handstand Push Ups Progressions
  • Handstand walking

When? 27th February
9:15 – 11:30

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