What is Personal Training?

To most people, personal training is a transaction that consists of paying money in return for a sweaty shirt, a lack of breath and more often than not, a bucket load of burpees and running.

Which is not ok!

We do not see the value in allowing you to pay us for something that you could do yourself, or even get your dog to do. Breaking a sweat from a random bunch of exercises for 45 minutes, twice a week by a guy/girl holding a stop watch, is not the answer.

You are getting part of the equation right. But there’s a lot more value you should be getting for your money.

To us at Bodybybrando, the sweat and tears may well definitely be a bi-product of our service, but our main initiative is to give you the result that you’re looking for, which is done through helping you formulate the processes needed to get you there.

By our standards, you are an individual in every other aspect of your life, so you deserve to be treated like one when you train with a PT.

We use a systemised approach to take you from your goal to your result, as efficient as possible.

Personal Training should consist of these key elements in order to see the most effective results:

– On-boarding process with education and knowledge around training and nutrition

– Focused on building a structured plan of attack at your goals.

Followed on with

– Weekly formal check ins with your coach with body fat/ lean muscle calculations,

– Nutrition overview with guidance

– Lifestyle overview with guidance

– Progressive and systematic approach to physical programming:not just random movements to make you sweat

– Tracking and progressive overloading for strength and metabolic based workouts.

– Constant goal setting and habit creations in relation to your goal

Exercise is a piece of the pie, but the rest of it needs to fall into place as well. The nutrition, the accountability, the education and of course the discipline all need to be part of the service.

If you feel like all you’re paying for with your personal trainer is a good chat and a sweaty mess, either ask them to incorporate these key elements into your program, or book a consult with us so we can help you.


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