Nick Croft:
Paddington Feature Member For June

How Nick went from only completing 5 barbell thrusters to SUB 19 minute 5km  runs. (that’s fast)

I’m sure you’ve heard slow and steady wins the race. For Nick or “Crofty” is as he’s known around Paddo, he wasn’t necessarily in a race, but he was slow and steady. Constantly showing up week after week putting in any extras needed (much to his coaches delight). Nick is well onto his way to achieving his physical and mental goals. 

Six months in and Nick has proven to himself that with consistency and hard work he can achieve almost anything he sets his mind to.

Nick enjoys the learning process and had this to say when asked what he loved most about training at BBB.

“The thing I enjoy the most about being here is the knowledge you get from the coaches. I feel like I need the “WHY” behind certain things, and they always provide that”. 

We give explanations for everything we do at BBB and more often than not its because they relate to our 4 pillars ‘physique, performance, pain-free and perception.’ 

Nick had this to say about which key pillar he relates to the most.

“I think I probably relate to performance the most, I played a competitive sport you know all throughout my life up until maybe a couple of years ago, and training was always in relation to the competition or a sport.”

If it's the movements you're worried about, you've got people coaching you.

If you're worried it's going to be too hard, everything is scalable to your fitness level

Fear and doubt play a huge role in holding us back from achieving our goals. Nick has admitted this is true for himself, “I’m a quiet guy, I like just putting my headphones in and getting stuff done. So you group side of things was something that was kind of worrying to me a little bit.”

We asked him what he would think about if he was unsure of joining BBB.

“I think you really do have to let go of the inhibitions and what is really kind of stopping you from doing this sort of thing.”

Also adding

“If it’s the movements you are worried about, you’ve got people coaching you, you know. If you’re worried that it’s gonna be too hard it’s all scalable.”

If you ever need some pre-class chat, Nick is always down 10 minutes early going through his mobility routine, headphones out most of the time!

Cheers Crofty, its a pleasure to have you around, we can’t wait for whats in store next.  

Written By Luke Cauchi 

Brady Goodsell

Functional Transformation Coach and Exercise Physiologist 

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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