Paddington Feature Members:
Lexi Rundle and Braiden McMonagle

Mr. and Mrs. September BBB Paddington goes to Lexi Rundle and Braiden Mcmonagle.

Lexi and Braiden have both been members of Body By Brando Paddington for 6 months. Both have come so far within such a short time frame, from both physique to mental changes. They are each finding their stride and achieving skills they never thought possible. 

Lexi being a fashion designer and Braiden an investment banker, they live petty crazy lives outside of the gym. On top of that they are preparing to get married and look after their adorable dog Pickle. 

They both had goals of “losing weight for their wedding next year”, but now “are on the right track, so performance goals in weightlifting and gymnastics are the next targets.” So far Lexi has lost over 7kgs and gained strength in all areas. Braiden also achieving some milestones, losing 13kgs for far and lifting some big numbers with the barbell. 

Before starting Lexi and Braiden each confessed they were super nervous, Lexi has never trained the way to do before, and Braiden was unsure if he would keep up due to his fitness levels. Both agreed they had nothing to worry about because “the trainers are awesome, they keep you accountable and help so much during class to make sure you are safe and doing what’s best for you.”

The couple said they had been on the fence for a while but after getting engaged decided to take the leap. “We realised we were both at our heaviest weight and not feeling great. We were fed up with fad diets and workouts where we weren’t seeing results. We were constantly trying to do high intensity cardio workouts and feeling super burnt out by then, and just never got the results.”

Why do they now continue to train at Body By Brando and why would they recommend Body By Brando? “The trainers are knowledgeable and really care about your progress. I (Lexi) would always injure my lower back before starting at BBB, and would often be out of training for weeks. Lewis (coach) has helped out so much to assist in understanding the cause of the pain and how to correctly strengthen it.” Both also added, “Clear and realistic guidance with nutrition is something you don’t get at other gyms like you do here.”

What’s next for the power couple? “Continue the wed-shred and keep getting stronger and fitter!”

Congratulations to you both, a very well deserved dual member of the month!


Luke Cauchi

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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