T dawg, Troydizzle, Mr Suit n’ Tie. The weapon that is Troy Malcolm has many names at BBB Paddington, the above are none of them…. 

More commonly referred to by new members as “the guy with all the plates on the bar” Troy has been at BBB for what seems like forever and is a massive part of the BBB Paddington Family. 

Being a semi professional athlete in a past life Troy felt stagnated in his current training routine, piecemealing together workouts at globo gyms. After chatting to some of his friends that had joined he decided to give it a try, “apart from them being raving fans about how much they enjoyed coming and the community that was created by Body by Brando, I actually saw the results they were getting”.

Since joining, his goals have changed from just wanting to get a good workout in and find an exercise routine that works for him.”It’s not just being good at one element, it’s being good at 15, 16, 17 different elements. That’s my new goal, to be a much more well-rounded athlete”. In the time that I have been at BBB it’s been very cool to watch Troy develop as an athlete from watching the competitive red mist appear and flat lining on workouts, to slowing down and working on becoming more technically savvy.

So why did he stick around? We all know it’s not Cauchi or Brando’s jokes. “You can go to other gyms, do some curls, squats and bench. But is that actually going to get you fitter, healthier, moving pain free and having fun while you do it? Probably not.” Not currently an athlete like Troy? Troy had some words of wisdom for those that are still a bit sceptical about if they would fit in at BBB. “The answer is yes, the answer is always yes. Because there is such a diverse range of people that go to our gym. You’ve got beginners, like I was 4 years ago, all the way to people that do Crossfit almost full time”.

We are very proud of how he competed in the Crossfit Open this year, earning a spot to the quarterfinals. “It’s very humbling as you start to find all the deficiencies you have, and I have a lot of things I want to work on to be better”. This growth mindset embodies the BBB mantra of, IT DOESN’T GET EASIER, YOU JUST GET BETTER!l


Harry Howe

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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