As this year continues to go by in a flash of an eye we are crowning the BBB Paddington member of the month again. For October we have our youngest MOTM in BBB history; Sean Dimmock is 16 years old and proving there are no age limits on them gainz!

Sean came to us in July of 2019 with the goal of increasing his strength and endurance to improve his rugby game. Like we can all relate to, things were not all smooth sailing when he first stepped into the gym. 

Sean struggled to hit depth in his squats and pull-ups seemed to be an exercise reserved for seasoned athletes, certainly not 15-year-old schoolboys. A year on and under the watchful eye of our favourite northern coach, Lewis, Sean is squatting over 70 kg and stringing pull-ups together with ease!

Sean realised it was apparent that there was a gap between those of his competition that were participating in strength and conditioning and those that were merely partaking in specific skill training. This forced Sean to seek out a personal trainer to guide him in the best direction to improve his already very impressive rugby game. 

I asked Sean what made him pick BBB as his gym of choice, his answer, “This small Fiat had parked my mum in so she couldn’t move her car, all these guys from the gym came and lifted the car! So I was like that’s where I want to go!”

What else has made this legend hang around at Paddington other than Coach Lewis’ great banter? “I like training at BBB because it is constantly different, you start with the basics and get the fundamentals down, then you progress to compound movements such as deadlifts and now I’ve advanced to Olympic lifting which has increased the way I can perform”

Lewis has done a great job teaching the basics and prioritising perfect movement patterns, coupled with expert programming that Sean can follow outside the gym has allowed him to leapfrog his competition and make the rep team for his year group in 2020. 

It has been an absolute pleasure watching Sean get better and better with every personal training session and we can not wait to see what this bright young rugby star will do next!

Harry Howe

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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