Mr April for the BBB Paddington calendar is Nick Scott

Nick has been a member of Body by Brando for just under a year and has increased both his physical skills and confidence within the group setting in leaps and bounds in that time.

Prior to BBB Nick was taking part in a lot of running and HIIT classes but couldn’t quite find his groove as the occasional niggle would throw out his consistency. With little experience with Olympic lifting and gymnastics Nick was a bit nervous to join the group classes in fear of “embarrassing myself and being a member of the bottom of the pack”. 

Like most of us Nick saw that consistency and time in class quickly takes you from a novice athlete to a confident one in a matter of months. “The members in the classes and PT sessions are super supportive and I never felt uncomfortable once I started”

Nick is now one of the most consistent members of the 6:30 am crew and that consistency has seen him improve his fitness but also make some great friends in and out of the gym; “this is certainly the most socially interactive workout environment I have been in”

So what’s on the horizon now that he has found a consistent training environment and is beginning to master the fundamentals? “Improving my overhead strength while staying pain free, as historically when I have been in charge of training myself I’ve found a way to injure myself

We are excited to see Nick nail his first Bar Muscle-up in the coming months and continue to bring his humor and enthusiasm to the morning crew. Congrats on the Member of the Month position Nick – Well deserved!!!


Harry Howe

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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