Our first BBB Paddington Member of the month for 2021 goes to the nicest high school teacher you’ll meet: Nathan Wotton.

Nathan appeared on the scene in June of last year once COVID gym restrictions eased and has been a regular member of the afternoon crew ever since. Nathan joined up looking to restore his back and shoulder health after injuring himself earlier in the year; I came into BBB about 6 weeks after having major back and shoulder issues that required plenty of scans. Having Lewis being a patient personal training me for the first few months really allowed me to correct previously poor technique which would have likely led to the issues”

Nathan was definitely “fit” prior to joining BBB, spending  a lot of time running, from distance to sprinting, and going to a globo gym. “With all the training I was doing, with little in the way of ongoing advice and coaching, I would always seem to end up with an injury. Since being at BBB, this has not been the case. Every class, regardless of whether you have been there for one week or years, the coaches always walk through the movements to ensure that you can walk out of the classes injury free”.

Like anyone, Nathan was unsure if he would fit in at BBB, “I was not sure if I would continue past the three months I initially signed up for, but after those first three months I noticed a huge change in technique, a massive reduction in pain and an increase in strength across all muscle groups, so I very happily signed back up for a longer term membership”. 

His commitment to his program and his desire to move pain free has paid off “in the last couple of months, I have been able to break the 100kg mark on deadlift for the first time, which personally is a huge relief as this has only come about from the coaches ensuring I do all the work through my legs and no back. I have also been able to clean more than 60kg (nearly double what I started at back in June)!”


It has been awesome watching Nathan progress from injured athlete to a man on a mission over the last 6 months under the watchful eye of Coach Lewis! With his weights increasing by the week and his confidence growing who knows what’s in store for 2021 – Good luck legend!


Harry Howe

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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