Nathan Ive-Smith:
Paddington Feature Member

The term “daddy” gets thrown around a lot at BBB Paddington, but there is no question that there is no fitter dad in the East than Nathan Ive-Smith! Barbell weapon in the morning, suit during the day and father by night. 

Is there anything this man can’t do?

I had the pleasure to have a chat with Nathan recently to find out what makes this superman tick.


Nathan has been a member since July of 2016 but was training with Chris Barnes in the same location “many moons ago” before it was the fitness mecca that is BBB Paddington.


“Balance” was certainly a word thrown around a lot during our conversation. With plenty of commitments pulling him in every direction, Nathan stated: “I’m really trying to prioritize my training – if you were going to train an hour I think this is the best use of my time.”

There is no doubt that if you came down and watched the beasts of the 5:30 am crew you would see Nathan hanging at the front of the pack throwing around RX or RX + weight. But this wasn’t always the case, “I came here and found that everyone was better than me, I didn’t really have the techniques and it took me a while but I found that a great challenge”

Nathan has always had a desire to be better, which can be common, what is not common about Nathan is how humble he is. I asked him how he ended up at Body by Brando, his response “ I was asking around where was the hardest training and where was a place I could be challenged, and that lead me here”

Taking the time to dial in the fundamental movements has allowed Nathan to make massive strides on his fitness journey, so much so that now “if I walk away from here without hitting RX + I feel kind of guilty”

4 years of consistent committed training will get you results, but it was lovely to hear Nathan praise the BBB method – “this type of training really gets results. It really increases your strength and mobility – the challenge is great!”


You go Super Dad! 

"This type of training really gets results. It really increases your strength and mobility - the challenge is great!"

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