Miss July BBB Paddington goes to Maree Petsoglou!

Maree has been a member of BBB Paddington for just over 12 months and has become a regular of the 9:30 am crew

She came to us for two reasons. First, for the challenge of learning and mastering Olympic lifting which she had never encountered before. Second, for the focus on pain free movement and performance. Having had many injuries herself in the past, she is very passionate about not just lifting heavy but lifting well! “So being part of a community that preaches the same is amazing”

“I knew BBB existed for two years before joining. To be honest I was very intimidated whenever I walked past”. Sound familiar? Lucky for us the tennis coaches from Macabi, many of whom train at BBB offered some comforting words of encouragement.  Since taking the leap Maree has not looked back! “ I just wish I had joined sooner, because if I’d started two years earlier who knows what PBs I could have hit by now”

Maree struggled with back injuries prior to joining the group classes, since then she has reached her pre-back injury deadlift weight and managed to do not one but two kipping pull ups, something  which she never dreamed would be possible.

Once she got over her anxiety of joining the group setting (a feeling we have all experienced at one point or another) she took to class like a fish to water.. “The coaches are all so welcoming, always very attentive and ready to correct you in order to maximise your training, and they foster true comradery within every class”


For anyone thinking of joining, I’d just say take the plunge. You’re not going to know if it’s not for you until you’ve tried it and you will never find a more welcoming and positive group of people. Maree has joined a group with a shared love for fitness and movement, we are so happy she has joined us and can’t wait to see what she will achieve next.

Congrats on a well deserved MOTM!!!


Harry Howe

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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