Congratulations to James , Paddingtons December feature member.

James (35), works as a regional sales manager in the liquor industry, has proven that small wins every day over a few years can amount to huge achievements, in, and outside of the gym.

That and being a 5:30am die hard, his (funny?) jokes and exciting socks are the good laughs that keep the early mornings for the coaches and fellow early risers a little bit more interesting.

Being a member of BBB for over 5 years now, James has achieved a number of personal achievements, some standouts include “1) a really strong understanding of nutrition and how to eat around your life to achieve what you want. 2) gaining a shift in mindset about what is possible in training which also carries over into professional life.”

We all start with different goals, James started because he wanted “start moving properly, I had a trash squat and I looked like a shitting dog when I tried to deadlift.” and just like many others he “also had a really bad run with injuries. So moving well was super important to me. I also wanted to get stronger through the main compound lifts.”

No matter where or how you start, our aim is to get your striving for performance, to be the best you can be. For James, now being pain-free and moving like a gazelle after “dropped some timber”, James has moved his main focus to performance. “I want to turn my single muscle ups into sets of multiple reps. I have had 100kg snatch written down as a goal for a while now so I am starting to focus on that now with some extra accessory work.”

James admits being a sucker for almost everything before BBB. “Before BBB, I had tried… almost everything, any supplement that was sold by 100% natural fitness models in any magazine, any new piece of kit, high fat/high carb diets, arm days split with leg days, any routine you could read about online I was a sucker for. I was the target market for the fitness industry snake oil with all the flavours of pre workout and BCAAs under the sun sitting in my pantry.”

Do you enjoy training on your own and not sure if a group environment is for you? James was too. “I had convinced myself that I would only ever enjoy & get results training by myself in a globo gym, but I quickly learnt that everyone started from somewhere and the coaches can scale everything to any level.”

James, having tried various other facilities before ours, had this to say as to why we were different. “In short almost everything, but to call out the main point the standards at BBB are higher. You will see more people moving better than what you will see in a mainstream gym. The emphasis is on being strong throughout a range of motion which means everyone no matter what will get the most out of their training regardless of where they are at.”

Thanks for being a standout member over the years James, we can’t watch to see you nail that 100kg snatch in 2022!


Luke Cauchi

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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