Miss November goes to Erin Marshall, a singer, DJ, music writer, coffee and Sydney lover.

After doing yoga and various HIIT classes, Erin joined us “to become pain free”,  from a niggling shoulder injury. The shoulder pain was stopping Erin from exercising and made her feel like rubbish. Sound familiar?

Erin admits to “stalking the BBB instagram page for about 2 years” before finally taking action. Now 9 months in and Erin has achieved “a HUGE 90% pain free currently! It’s so good. And I made it into the group classes and I’m able to perform all the moves with everyone else. I also got my first toes to bar recently!”

At first Erin had similar goals to many of you I’m sure. Become pain free or remain pain free, so she could enjoy training in a like minded community. After realising those initial goals her goals are now? “It was to do a strict pull up, but I just did that this morning. SO honestly probably to keep working on lifting things above my head and just getting stronger and feeling better about what my body  can do.”

Being nervous before starting anything new is normal. We all have experienced that first day of school feeling, Erin was no different. When asked what she was most nervous about, “Looking like an idiot. Being the new kid. Not fitting in or being out of my league, but also that it wouldn’t ’work’, getting rid of my pain.”

Now though? Erin adds, “I think it’s good that no matter what level you’re at, everyone in the class does everything together. Doesn’t matter if you’re not the strongest, it’s all about where you’re at and what you need to do to get stronger for yourself.”

Ever been to a gym class and thought? “When is this over? Not Erin. When asked why Erin trains at BBB? “I love the group classes, the coaches are sick, super encouraging. The classes are challenging but I never think ‘when is this gonna end’. It’s actually fun.”

Well deserved member of the month Erin, We look forward to watching you smash  2022!


Luke Cauchi

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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