Mr September BBB Paddington goes to Daniel Macri!

Danni has been part of the BBB family for bang on 12 months and continues to thrive as he learns more and more about what his body and mind are capable of.

Since starting at BBB Dani has learned to overhead squat half his bodyweight barefoot (which he didn’t think possible), perform kipping handstand push ups, learn the skill of weightlifting and lose over 10kgs all whilst remaining injury free.

A self confessed “old school rev head” and lover of his small business, Danni was well aware what hard work means and has never shied away from anything his trainers have asked of him.

When he isn’t working or training Danni enjoys walking his bulldog around Bondi, listening to music or catching up with mates for a beer.

Danni first came to us looking to “lose weight and tone up” and “change my lifestyle, physically and mentally”, after achieving these goals he now finds himself focusing more on physical performance in movements such as the snatch and cleans, with the close eye of his personal coach Cauchi.

I have big wraps on Danni for his work ethic and continual passion for learning and wanting to improve himself to reach his potential, inside and outside of the gym. 

When asked what Danni was most nervous about before joining he answered, I think just seeing the level of fitness you guys were at was a bit daunting and also the group classes as I take a while to feel comfortable in a group setting”. 

After being around a while Danni recommended a friend explaining why he says, “For me I think it’s the structure of the training and the results speak for themselves. And I feel you guys have created more of a friendly training environment rather than a gym you go to just to workout then go home. It’s a reflection of Brando and all you guys.”

What’s next for Danni?

“Keep training but want to push my fitness level more and improve on my diet even further.”

Congrats on a well deserved MOTM!!!


Luke Cauchi

Paddington Manager

BodyByBrando, Paddington


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