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Nick Clarke is one of our core members at the 5:30 am class. Even on a cold, wet day, he shows up and puts in the hard work! There are never any excuses, even if he has had a big night before…

Working as an Analyst/Trader at a hedge fund in Sydney, Nick’s competitive nature is what drives him to be better every day. “I have been training at BBB because the coaches are experts, the atmosphere is fun and the program delivers results.”

Growing up Nick was heavily into sports, primarily Aussie Rules, and tried his hand at most things, except cricket… However, a significant injury put a halt to his active lifestyle. “I had a significant back injury in my mid 20’s which really set me back. Eventually, I got some good advice about solving back pain with weightlifting. BBB came along at the perfect time because my base strength had reached a level where I could get stuck into more complex and challenging work.”

Body by Brando prides itself on group classes that feel personalized. The coaches take time to understand and learn about each individual client’s limitations and expectations. There are progressions and regressions for the movement, which means that anyone of any fitness level can join.

“It’s an interesting dynamic because in the class you feel like you’re part of a team but at the same time, you are only competing against yourself. It’s a testament to the program and the couches for creating that environment. When you’re in the class everyone supports and pushes each other forward. Finding that balance is difficult but the BBB team has nailed it.”

Through BBB’s programming, we strive for our clients to move well, without pain, and to achieve things that they thought they could never do – “I managed to get a few muscle ups out recently which was a surprise more than anything!”


Catherine Tran

Functional Transformation Coach

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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