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What an honour, our very first feature member! Mike is one of the foundation members of the group and has gone from strength to strength since the transition.

Mike realised a while ago that his lifestyle was catching up to him. Working a high-stress job, travelling 160+ days per tear, and not seeing his health as a priority wasn’t leading him down the road of longevity, so he decided to make a shift…

In the space of 2 years, Mike has completely revamped his life. He’s lost over 30kgs and has never felt more energetic. Coaching Mike is an absolute pleasure, his willingness to learn and take feedback has allowed him to make rapid gains in such a short period of time.

Here it from the great man himself, tell us about yourself, Mike..” I’m turning 50 this year, live in Crows Nest with my wife Shayne, daughters Hannah) and Abby Staffie Ellie and Japanese Spitz Yoshi. When there wasn’t COVID in the world I spent c.160 days a year travelling across the region (Australia, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China) and back and forth to HQ in Arizona. When I’m home my time gets consumed by motorcycling, mountain biking, and boating.”

Most of our clients lead high-stress jobs, so they enjoy the fact that their training is sorted out ahead of time I love the structure of the program – it’s fast, fun and I’m always learning and improving. I also love the people I train with and always start my day with a lot of laughs.”  Mike is an integral part of our 6:30 am community, consistently showing up 5-6 times per week since we opened up 2 months ago, losing a massive 5kg in the process. 

When we initially sat down for our first chat, Mike’s initial goal was to improve body composition. While already having achieved a massive result in this department, the process was fairly straightforward for him. Eat high-quality foods in the right quantities for your goals, and train through broad time and modal domains.

One thing he was interested in improving was his performance, he got bitten by the ‘bug’ and now has “become addicted to drivn=ing performance”. His new goal is mastering the handstand and developing his pull-ups. 


Change is always scary, and people are generally apprehensive about starting this style of training “Being out of shape, my ability to keep up with the classes and feeling inadequate amongst experienced, fit people.”. 

Ensuring that everybody gets a good workout in is our main priority, we can scale up and down so everybody gets the same stimulus from the class – from beginners to advanced athletes.  Mike says “BBB has a great structure that allows “scaling” to make sure the program is relevant and beneficial no matter where you are in your fitness journey and the coaches are all very attuned to knowing where each individual is at and how to scale them to the right point for them. Once you get to know the foundations, there is infinite potential to develop and improve, and having all of my scores, times and weights recorded means I can see my improvement and always have something to aim for.”

Structure creates freedom! However it’s not always regimented workouts and strength progressions, we believe that people thrive in an environment where they’re happy – and truly believe that s strong culture lifts people to places where they didn’t think they could go. “I’ve dipped in and out of exercise programs for my entire adult life, always with the mindset that it’s not supposed to be enjoyable – it’s a chore and you need to force yourself to persist. BBB is the first thing I’ve done where I genuinely enjoy working out and I feel genuinely disappointed if I can’t make a session.”

We absolutely love having you around and can’t wait to see where 2022 takes you!


Brady Goodsell

North Sydney Manager

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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