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Martin has been at BBB for the last 3 months, and has become a pillar of the 5:30 am class. Find out how he lost 8kgs, learned new skills, and is now feeling happier and healthier than ever. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Martin though, who had to overcome some initial apprehension – find out how he crushed goals below.

Martin leads a very busy life, working as a Credit Manager for Zip so he enjoys the fact that he doesn’t have to think about training. When Martin is not at the gym or “crunching numbers, he likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors, beach, bush walks, road trips, camping, exploring new places.” The goal of our training is so that we can enrich other parts of our life, and live a life without restriction.

However, before starting the training at BBB he was most nervous about “the possibility of getting injured.” This is a common thought among many people who have never trained at this kind of intensity. However, through the cookie crumb method at BBB and the “discussions with Brady, I realised that safety is important and every move can be scaled down.”

The injury occurs when a task exceeds somebodies capacity (unless you drop a barbell on your head). You can either lift too heavy (intensity), too often (frequency), too much (volume) and too fast (speed). Too little of these variables, and you won’t adapt – too much and you’ll hurt yourself.

After the initial apprehension was overcome, Martin has had nothing but wins. He’s gone from strength to strength – learning kipping pullups, handstand pushups, and even rope climbs! He’s truly excelled in every area since coming on board – and deserves massive credit for his achievements. 

Training at BBB supports Martin’s goals of staying injury-free which means he can live his life to the fullest. “I like to keep active and challenge myself.” This was made clear when he signed up for the spartan obstacle race, a challenge that requires you to be good at everything (lucky he got those rope climbs)

BBB is not just another gym, we foster the community and encourage each athlete to be their best. “I am feeling healthier, from a mental health perspective feel more confident, my energy levels and mood have improved significantly, since the start of December I have lost 7kg.”

Well done Martin, we are excited for what the future holds!


Brady Goodsell

North Sydney Manager

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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