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Body By Brando North Sydney has only been open for a few months but our members have already been achieving some great results. One of our most dedicated members is Marina Pizzaro. As one of our foundation members, she is a staple at the 5:30am classes and makes no excuses when it comes to her training. 

Marina was “nervous about the intensity of the workout and had never been a big fan or good at cardio.” This is something we hear regularly, and can be off putting for many people. However there is no way to get better at something unless you start! Our clients are proof of this.

She has already achieved her goals of kipping pull ups and handstand push ups and she has only been training for 12 weeks! Describing herself as a ‘fitness enthusiast’, she explains why she chose Body By Brando. “I train at BBB for many reasons, I love their holistic approach to health. Balancing strength, flexibility and fitness. They have an awesome community, knowledgeable and supportive coaches who really care about our success and get excited with every little goal that we achieve.

Like many others, Marina had tried body pump classes, bootcamps, yoga, acro Yoga, boxing and strength and conditioning before starting at BBB, none that stuck long term. The diversity of the training and the planning of the BBB program means that our clients are always learning new skills, building strength and getting fitter. 

At BBB we pride ourselves on being able to provide the coaching of a personal training session in a group environment. “I think that what differentiates BBB from other gyms is the support and care that you get from the Coaches with regular check-ins and goal setting sessions. They take the time to get to know each members’ strengths and limitations and they will push you or work with you on a suitable progression to achieve your goals. It’s like getting a PT session in a class setting which I think is amazing as we have an awesome community here and the classes are always fun.”

The Body By Brando core pillars are ‘Physique, Performance, Pain-Free and Perception’. We are invested in coaching and teaching individuals the skills to live life to their fullest. For Marina this is the ability “to move well and be strong, healthy and independent for as long as I live…”

We are lucky to have Marina be a part of our North Sydney crew and we can’t wait to see her progress throughout 2022.

“If you want to start your day (or finish your day) with a bit of a laugh, releasing all the good mood / happy hormones and as a bonus changing the way you look and feel then give BBB a go. You have nothing to lose, heaps to gain. The benefits go way beyond the physical benefits that you get with exercising.”


Brady Goodsell

North Sydney Manager

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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