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At Body By Brando, we always hear that people don’t have enough time and that they’re always too busy. One of our founding members proves that you can achieve your fitness goals if you dedicate the time and find the right community and coaches to support you. “BBB is amazing – its the combination of the coaches, the programming, the community, and the facilities that make it a great place to train. I genuinely look forward to getting up each morning to go to the gym, hanging out with the crew, and making myself a better person along the way.”

As a married father of two, Lachlan Heussler works as a Chief Strategy Officer for Australian-based global Fintech business. Between juggling his family and work, Lachlan consistently attends our 6:30 am class, this has resulted in a 4% drop in body fat over the last 6 months! Not only has his body composition changed, but his cardiovascular fitness has also increased. “I just achieved a dramatic improvement in my cardiovascular fitness which has also strengthened the mental aspect of my training.”

Having tried multiple training methods, Lachlan found that he was lacking in certain areas. “I’ve been going to gyms all my life. Immediately before BBB, I trained at a gym that was very focused on calisthenics, gymnastics, and weight training which I loved but BBB has introduced me to metabolic conditioning which I was clearly lacking.” 

At BBB, we focus on building better bodies that are injury-free so that each person can live their fullest life. What you do today will affect your health and life in the future. Take the leap today and reach out…

If you don’t use it you lose it. I want to remain fit, healthy, and strong as a get older and I also want to train with a bunch of like-minded people who make showing up to the gym and training enjoyable and something that I look forward to.”


Brady Goodsell

North Sydney Manager

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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